MR & MRs LENG ;)

MR & MRs LENG ;)

Thursday, April 30


Miri is very HOT now days. And I really couldn’t stand it esp. during lesson time or when driving to get home. Its like im in the oven and half cooked by the time lesson ended or when I reached home.

Even at night I was sweating like pig all the time and have to take quick shower before went to bed. (got air conditioner in the room, but tries not to switch on all nite to save the electricity bill)LOL so kemut!

I hate hot day, even it was a beautiful bright day indeed but it also brings out headache and my body are dehydrated. I feel thirsty all the time thus hot day makes my mood swing and I gonna be angry easily.

see, see i was dehydrated

Just hoping this aridity won’t last any longer. Our earth getting older I guess. Ohh demn!

Wednesday, April 29

Last night i decided :

Not to cry over silly thing/small stuff.
Not to really think what a future hold up for me.
Not to hope for consistently phone call, texts or attention everyday.
Not to plan for anything big or hectic thing, just follow the flows, accept what comes to me with open heart.
Not to hoping for something too much, people can is change; that im going to put in mind.
Not to think much about anything, everything.


To do what i think the best most for me.
To do some self-reflection. Isit me who really need to change or what?
To do what i already decided to do (of list above)

There, i've decided and im sure nobody cares!

Tuesday, April 28

"Thinking of You"

Once upon a time,
On a day that looked like any other day..

Someone ~
Like no one else came along and made life into something
That would never be the same..
That’s you.
That’s my life.
That’s why you’re someone special,
That means so much to me.

Sometimes i act so selfishly that im really ashamed of myself and i wonder how u could ever forgive me, but you always do.

Im so thankful for that. No matter how lunatic i act, you always realize that i love u :)

You are such a unique person, and im afraid i gonna lose u..
You illustrate the deepest meaning of love ~ patience, understanding and caring.
Once again, i am sorry if i upset u in any ways, and i love u very much.

Monday, April 27

Photoblog ~

One way to pamper myself is to be at shoe shop :))

while waiting for the right shoe's size to come

hepi face lalalaaa

i look really fat in this pic :(( and this shoes is not even in my size (i asked for size 6, they gave me size 7..?)

Friday, April 24

Biatch who loves to read :)

Currently, im attached to this book, by Cecelia Ahern my other fav author (the best selling author of PS, I Love U)

Already read a few chapters and think it was pretty awesome. Really glued me to read till da end, it just i dont hv much time to spend around only to read a book like i used to which is reading for about 8hours non-stop :))

Good, readable & heart-warming story i can say (even though im not finish yet haha)

Thursday, April 23

confirmation position interview

930am - Went to PKG - 950am - arrived, started to feel really nervous, the place already crowded with people - 1000am - Went upstair for registration (they separates divided us into 3 rooms, about 17/18 person each room and unfortunately im the last one in Q :( so i've had kept waiting & waiting like..forever until my butt got crammed hehe. While waiting i felt sick, butterflies in my stomach, felt like wanna throw up but kept reading until forgot everything :) - 0205pm - Most people are gone, and finally it was my turn..aaaa "wanna throw up again" the interviewer name is Mr. Blaawan Ngibau (with serious face) - 0227pm - End of the interview, not feeling relief since i messed up a few questions huhu. but im glad it was over. Its like one burden being lifted away from my shoulder. End.

So now, i just crossing my fingers and tawakal to Allah, hoping to pass the interview so that i can move on with my life :)


school's garden

school's yard

It’s a beautiful day outside but why I feel bad inside?

Is it because what I feel or what I think..?
Is it wrong to have a little suspicious?

sometimes I don’t understand
sometimes I wish I can understand more
sometimes I wish I don’t
sometimes I try to understand
sometimes I couldn’t

I am just hoping for u to be more understandable. or im the one should be..?

Tuesday, April 21

a very first snap by T700 cyber-shot

Yatt & Ma


lil cupcakes

Monday, April 20

my new cyber-shot :))

Even though im in sad mood last saturday but on sunday i managed to smile again.
(i made up with Dy.LOL)

So after we had our lunch yesterday, we went to PC fair held in Miri stadium just to look around and i’ve been planning only to buy a mouse for my laptop but ended up buying a new digi cam. hehe. i bought THIS. tadaaa..

I was hesitated at first, but when i compared with the normal price (i asked some random guy who seems to know about the price (i guess), he said it was RM1280 in retail) i can save around hundred something if i buy it over there since the discount price is RM1099, so i bought lah AND really satisfied since my old Nikon didn’t hv anti vibration (really annoyed me every time cause the picture gonna be very blurry) and also because it was in hot pink! auw so cute!

I was in between whether to but T700 or T77 at first but finally chose to buy T700 cause the screen is extra wide and it has 4GB internal memory even though i really love the ultra slim T77.

SO after this, gonna put more and more quality and meaning pictures for ur eyes guys. Cant wait!

Saturday, April 18

sad little word ~ sad

Sadness is a feeling —
Sadness to certain people is when they've lost something important,
or when they have been disappointed about something,
or when something sad has happened to them or to someone else.

Sadness to me —
When i was feeling lonely, i tend to feel sad.
When i get hurt, i feel sad.

When i was sad, i feel like have nothing to look forward to. The hurt deep inside crushed my usually good mood.

Sadness makes me feel like crying, and sometimes the tears are hard to stop. Crying often makes me feel better.

Sometimes when my mood is sad, i just feel like being alone for a little while.
or i might want someone to comfort myself. Someone that is Dy.

Now I feel sad. I need comfort. I need Dy.

i feel bad when..

I feel sad

I feel tired

I feel hurt

I feel sleepy

I feel moody

I feel mad

I feel down

all i need is one big hug. how can i get it? :(

Friday, April 17

about me entry

I hate driving at night cause all the lights on the road will confusing me.

I never change my shampoo’s product since high school and don’t like shampoo based on fruit even though their scent are really good.

I eat chocolate before i sleep every nite. Got container of Kisses chocolates next to my bed :)p but have no worries, only a small piece each time :)

I cant sleep if i dont wash my feet, i can skip brush my teeth if feel so sleepy but must wash my feet if not i wont feel comfortable.

Love green vegetables. i can eat a lot of different types of it, klu mkn lauk simple takpe as long there is a veges.

I dont wash my hair everyday but ought to wash it every two days, if not im gonna have a headache, its like a ritual.

I just love when Dy called me “budak kecik”. I cant stop smiling and grins.

Wednesday, April 15

moody mode** :(

Not in a good mood to blog anything nice today. The only person that i can talk nicely with is Dy.. pada yg lain sume rasa nk menjerit jehh esp to certain students who never listen just nk play around, messing around. Iskhh klu tak ingat anak orang dh lama aku lempang!!

Yelling at students really affect my mood and that is because of that old man! X:(

Bling** for me??

I love jewelry, and I know most woman out there loves it too esp diamonds.. that’s the fact man, deal with it ok. so when i was at this morning, (to kill time while duty at APD room with no aircond or fan cause the whole block was blackout) there is pictures of Hollywood celebrities posing with their super classy engagement ring.. owh so beautiful and I wish I’d hv one! there’s a few design that i love so muchhh like Kathy Mcphee, Ashley Simpson and Scarlett Johansson’s ring.
So envy lah but with their super multi-rich bf/fiancée, they deserve what they got kan.

so how about me? Act for engagement ceremony, we got the ring already similar to this one kan sayang. hehee

but last week when I was at Imperial Mall’s goldsmith, there is one design that really catches my eyes. It was in yellow gold and since I prefer white gold more so I keep thinking whether to buy it or not. ermm..

p/s : Dy doesn’t mind I choose it by myself considering that we don’t hv much time to shop for the ring together :( I already mms him the picture and of course he gonna pay for it :) but but, if I buy another ring, it gonna be 2 rings for engagement, so can meh?? hehe.. but hell yes, who cares right? I will consider it one as cincin tanda & the other one is for engagement ring.
There, i made up my mind! LOL

Cant wait to shop for it! :)

Tuesday, April 14


Our school gonna have a pocothon competition this saturday to raise money for PIBG. I THINK it was a very lame idea. So many things that we can do but they chose to do poco-pocothon instead..? but luckily teachers are not compulsory to join but we must contribute money as a support. ok fine. I heard they already raised money up to 40k. ceh!

But still, i think it so lame.

Monday, April 13

about weekend entry

So after 3 days break, i feel great today. Thing that i need to finish are mostly done but i guess more to come as usual. My to-do list never unfilled. sighh

Nothing much on weekend, on friday we went to this small cheapo hair salon that we’ve discovered last month in town cause Yatt & Ma wanna straighten theirs hair (that salon were having a promotion) and I wanted to dye my hair & do some highlights but since not enough time, I’ve been planning to come back the next day but I cancel it for very last minute (I think that salon doesn’t use a good product, that's why they charge very cheap for straighten, and the result is not really good though looking at Yatt & Ma’s hair. So i decided not to take the possibility that will ruin my not-really-healthy-already hair hehe

So on saturday, instead of going to the salon, we went shopping at miri plaza where I managed to buy black nicole blouse, a pair of vincci alligator kind of sandal and giordano tshirt for Dy. Feeling good got to spend some money haha.

Before that, on wednesday nite, we're at Puan Awe's farewell party at Mega hotel. The food was good & we're having a good time, laughing, eating, and taking pictures mcm tak ingat dunia :)

That’s it for now. more picture to come yeh. ciao guys

Thursday, April 9

Late entry (photos of gifts from Dy :D )

parcel arrived last friday

parcel inside, im so thrilled!!

It was a basket filled up with gifts :))

Italicpresent, present yeyy

I got :
* Burn CD (I was in tears watched it. Thanks honey, it means a lot)
* Ikea's frame with cute drawing by Dy
* Ferrero Rocher Chocolate
* "Love 101 Ways To Say I Love U" love song CDs
* Cool sunglasses from Guess.

Im so happy & content! Thanks a lot sayang for putting so many efforts this time, it was sweet, romantic and cool gifts :)
LOVING U is the biggest thing that I can do.


Monday, April 6

girls out for dinner :)

Me & housemates, 4 of us was at Dynasty last saturday nite, having a nice, not-really-quiet-dinner to celebrate my birthday yg dh lepas. Thanks korang. We ate as much as we can, until we felt like wanna throw up :)

Friday, April 3

Regular Basis

0545 : Wake up sleeping beauty!
0600 : Take bath and get myself ready.
0630 : Driving to school while drinks nutrigen for extra energy.
0645 : Clock in, check the seat-in timetable if any.
0700 : At class (5SC4) taking student’s attendant and bossy-ing student around to do the cleanliness.
0700 - 1315 : Lesson time, waking Dy up in between, surfing internet, gossip-ing time.
1400 : Went home if no meeting, no co-curriculum activities, no extra class, and no un-planning thing like going-to-the-bank, or going-to-the-boulevard just to window shopping hehe. If not I would be at home around 17-1730pm.
1800 : I cook if I feel want to. If not I just watch tv and eat tapau.
1930 : Sleepy head take a nap.
2130 : Wake up! iron garments for next day, take a very quick bath. (sejuk)
2200 : Eat if hungry, watch tv, finish pending works, type lesson plan for the next day.
0030-0100 : At bed, ready to sleep. texts or talk to Dy, read few pages of book & sleep while listening to MP3.

This is what im doing now, everyday (except 4 weekend lor). Yes, I hv no life :(

Thursday, April 2

No title post

**picture taken at "Sambutan Maal Hijrah Peringkat Negeri Sarawak"

Wednesday, April 1

I treasure this :

Dinner at chili's to celebrate my upcoming birthday :) thanks honey!

Try to capture a picture of ourself. Ended up like this :)p

Foods that we cannot finished. My stomach feels like to explode!

It was one fun nite cause we had been trying to finish our food even though we're so kenyang already & because i was merajuk at first. hehe. sori sayang!

XOXO miss ya!

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