MR & MRs LENG ;)

MR & MRs LENG ;)

Thursday, September 17

Balik kampung oi

We are going to start our hari raya break tomorrow, unfortunately im stuck in here till Saturday..My flight to kl is at 10am on Saturday morning, damn!! Klu la tahu awal mesti dah beli tiket tonight! Dy will fetch me at the airport and gonna hits the road straight away.

Bydway, just wanna wish u guys Happy Eid! Maaf Zahir & Batin yeh..

Have a wonderful day ahead & drive safe.


Wednesday, September 16

duhh wireless connection in school sucks these days. I cant online from my desk, need to go to com lab to do so, malas betul.. Been thinking to get a broadband but worried if I got connection at home, then I will online every single spare times I got then it will procrastinate me to finish work. Will see la camne kan..

Just wanna share some shots during last weekend.

the only kad raya i bough this year. Guess who's lucky enough to receive it :)

after hair treatment and i chose to do bangs for raya hehe

after hair done; went to secret recipe, parkson for break fast

both are cacat; cam-whore

Itu sahaja. xoxo

Friday, September 11

nak raya dah..

Been lazy to update. Time really flies, macam baru jeh celebrate raya last year and yet it comes again and just around the corner! Even though im not so keen to celebrate yelah dah tua but looking forward to it. It’s the only time I really can spend quality time with family, siblings and relatives. Duit raya untuk nieces & nephews pun dah tukar. Baju raya untuk tahun ni dah tempah 4 pasang, one is black kebaya which is bought at Kuching, one is in white purple beli dan hantar tailor kt kelantan dan dua pasang lagi dah sent kat tailor sini, Dy belikan kain opel in blue black (thanks sayang) and I chose myself chiffon in dark purple. Kek lapis Sarawak pun dh tempah. Apa lagi ehh..? handbag baru jeh beli last week, oww kasut raya belum ada lagi dan baru jeh reserve ni online at SuperRolling :)

haha so much for not so keen to celebrate raya.

Since our house still under renovation so the raya preparation ala kadar jer kot.. I asked my lil sister to prepare & book everything needed esp untuk juadah di pagi hari raya, bawa adik2 yg lain beli baju raya & saya cuma jadi tukang bagi duit jeh since me only reach home on malam raya (kalau Sunday raya la) yelaa being the oldest among the other yg belum settle down so all the responsibilities is on me..Knowing that my mum mesti sibuk ngan ketupat rendang dia tu so kitaorgla yg kena buat semua preparations. Macam boleh imagine raya tahun ni tak akan meriah compare to last year. Abang yg jauh2 cam tade yg balik semua turn beraya umah in law so tinggal kami2 yg single jelaa..My only sis Mira pun mesti balik hari raya kedua. Cannot wait to visit the grave of beloved arwah cek and uncle that we lost early this year :(

so that’s it for today. sad. missing.

Tuesday, September 8

One big decision to make, one big step to take

My dear lil sis, Ining sent me this mag for my birthday this year & to tell the truth is I wasn’t really looking at it! I just browsed it casually for one time and then put aside together with my other untouched books but recently, when doing some cleaning I found it & realise that I must start to think & do something about the wedding…

Yes, it still in a long way (been planning to get settle in June 2010, Insya Allah) but it is good to think of basic things first like what colour pallette I’d love, how I want my dress for solemnization ceremony looks like, what type of cloth material I need to buy, when to start shop for hantaran stuff & the theme need to be finalized, also need to do a random budget and stick to it and plan what to buy, or I will end up buying thing that doesn’t necessary because its always hard for me to choose and to really satisfied with what I had already chose, bad habit. Always has this “unsure” feeling inside me. haaa seems like a lot to think rupanya..duhh!

I know it is one big step to settle down but in this ages (27th) err I mean next year I’d b one year older, I think it is a right decision to make. Wasn’t sure if Dy is ready enough hehe but I think we’re ready for our future together. kan sayang..? :)

I dreamed of a wedding of elaborate elegance yet simple & shows romance.

Saturday, September 5

Opps! i did it again.

Just found out that I wasn't involved in any committee for Majlis Anugerah Citra & Majlis Anugerah Perdana this year (last year, I was in two committees) and I just like yahooooo!! in front of notice board at staff room. That means no more silly paperwork to prepare, no more hours of boring-ass meeting to attend and got the opportunity to get home early every day, I was lucky!

And yes I did it again, as I said before in my previous post that I was broke but seriously still cant help myself from not-to-spend money again :)
How to resist when u found something that can grasps your breath and u know that u must get it whatever it takes or even u only got a few bucks left in ur purse :) so here u go, meet my brand new baby from Summit.
Dont know why, I just have this weird craze for pink nowadays.

p/s : Still smiling even only got a few bucks left in purse. Counting days to paycheck :)

Friday, September 4

Shop to drop

Did a lot of shopping during holiday & result; im officially broke after paid all the bills, car loan, credit card, money to parents, save a few bucks in ASB but luckily this month, payroll is on 10th which is next week so I can loosen up but still need to watch my spending and save more for hari raya splurge.

What I managed to buy are:
Floral baby shirt from PDI, bf shirt from GME Factory, KL Sentral, gorgeous stripy cardigan from UFC, Sunway Pyramid, crocs purple flats, oversize green blouse (bought at nite market around PJ), pink lace heels from Vincci & some lingeries from Hush Puppies. Looking for new handbag but nothing really catches my eyes.

Dy bought this baby for me; Boss Orange from Hugo Boss. Thanks honey!! :) Heart the bottle more than the scent but finally I can adapt the fume so don’t worry yeh sayang, will use it till the last drop hehe

and purchased these sweet pink dumbbells from Avon, one step to reduce fat of my meaty arms :)

Even broke, still content! Felt good got to spend money that I earned :)

Thursday, September 3

bila saya memasak :)

Yesterday, went home quite early after schooling so i decided to cook for juadah berbuka puasa. Simple & easy. Nice & delicious. Appetizing! Enough for me just the way I like it.

fried chicken with corn kernel in oyster sauce

prawn tomyam with carrot

salted fish, most known as ikan pekasam

and what for today...errmmm??

Wednesday, September 2

by & dy ~ KL, august

by wearing : oversize blouse, leggings from Parkson, Guess handbag & flats from crocs

sayang melantak crab - Fatty Crab, PJ

he finished everything, me only ate one (and i lied :p)

wajah-wajah satu Malaysia, August 30 : Sunway Pyramid


someone plsss..

Im so desperately want this :

But hv to wait patiently for the next paycheck cause im officially broke this month. sighh..the very first edition is quite expensive and not even in hardback cover so Dy said its not worth it and asked me to wait for paperback cover edition huhu..but don’t think can wait for that long!
errr is there anyone kind enough to buy me this?? :)) winkk!!

Tuesday, September 1

Bedroom S-U-R-V-E-Y

I used to do this survey long time ago, someone tagged me on FS so think im going to update since it was fun.

Do you have the following in your room:

Condoms: no.
Cell phone: definitely! who doesnt own one? Nokia E71
Chair/stool: no. not enough room even i'd love for one comfy couch.
Book shelf: yes, i put everything on it, table lamp, vase, pic album, candles, mirror, books
Dresser: yes with mirror
Computer/laptop: Dell N series/white

Bean bag: nope
Pictures: definitely a lot.. of me & dy
Mirror: yeah..medium one from ikea
Skateboard: nahh
Bed: of course la..then where should I sleep?

Clothes on the floor: no! i hate messy room
Plastic giraffe: nope
Surfboard: nope again
Smoke detector: nahhh
Piano/keyboard/guitar/bass guitar: never in my house (hate noisy instruments)
Locking door: yea, safety comes first
Bottle of water: Spritzer
Medals/ribbons: erm tak sure, ada kot
CDs: burn cds, mix cds, marie digby's
Flag: nope WHAT FOR…?
Stop sign/any: what for again..??!
Caution tape: err tade, thank god!
Paintball gun: nope!
Real Gun: whew.. what for again?
Cigarettes: allowed
Candle: yes..scented from ikea
Books: a lot.. my precious collection
Nintendo: nahh..
Stereo: nope
T.V.: No, wish i got one
Lighter: light candles
How many windows do you have: double windows
Color of walls: white & pink, i painted pink myself :)
Hardwood floor, tile, or carpet?: tile, tak suka sbb cepat berdebu
Do you get ready for the day in your room or the bathroom?: room, bathroom mesti basah, geli duh
What color is your bed sheet? :
current is stripy/colorful, also got white/blue, white/black
What's on your walls? :
puzzle of world disney's & pic frames from ikea again
Has the opposite sex been in your room
before? :
once, dy taking nap during his visits last year

**Itu sahaja survey utk arini ini :) now got extra class to dash in.


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