MR & MRs LENG ;)

MR & MRs LENG ;)

Wednesday, December 30

am back to miri

Safely arrived miri around 1.30pm. Flight transit kt Kuching and sempat jugak kami bershopping kat duty-free shop. I bought miniature perfume set from CD counter and was thinking to make it as one of the hantaran mixed up with make up set from MAC so tgkla camne..tamau la kan klu lari budget huhu.

Now nk rest jap. Bilik lum kemas lg huhu..

Tuesday, December 29

It comes to end.

Holidays almost over for me and new year will be in 2 days time. Erghh sgt tak suka sbb dh kena balik miri. Im leaving tomorrow morning together with yatt & lynn in a same flight cause we got a staff meeting to attend on 31st. Once again am going to celebrate new year in miri. Anyway bkn celebrate sgt pun selalunya time will be spend to clean up the house that we left for holiday almost 6 weeks ago.

Nothing more to say, i'd been enjoying my holiday and been (broke) already. yes 2 months of salary dah habis and its not even January yet hihi. But hopefully year to come will bring more happiness and will be easier for me same goes to the preparation as a bride to be.
Semoga semuanya dipermudahkan. Aminn.. (*_*)

Im going to end this entry with lot of pictures that has been taken during the holiday. enjoy ya guys cause i had so much fun.

Lynn ♥ shah 5.12.09

mcm janji plak ngan sue nk pakai hijau

the bride & bride-to-be :)

lovely bride & groom

after balik dari wedding lynn, its a movie session for us (tak tgk twilight sbb dh tgk 2x, so tgk love happens. tak beh lngsung!)

before movie sayang lapa, so mkn dulu

best somtam kt restaurant Thai Corner ni

i loveee twilight

Jumpa lil airiel 9.12.09
time ni kt coffee bean, airiel pun nk minum jugak

sian airiel, mummy & daddy sibuk nk shopping camera

sgt berat la airiel, thats good kan.

Meeting up with ex-officemates 11.12.09

sgt suka buat ini

thanks cheynna sbb sudi melayan, kami berborak dari atas lantai jeh hehe (mentang boss tade)

she's like a sister to me. my dear kak fiza

wedding iwan kt ipoh 13.12.09

sayang & his brother; as they called it

wedding yg sangat meriah ngan Dy's ex-officemates from ntv7

Wedding lina ♥ mahadi 26.12.09
beautiful couple of the the day

gambar wajib klu g wedding

suka dais diaorg tu sbb tu saya terdongak2

sayang ambik berkat ni


Saturday, December 26

Its started.

This week we’re trying to start doing something about the wedding and before everything get started we somehow agreed to one thing; less is more. Thats the key for everything as dy said :)

so we went to Jakel hunting for the dresses garment for both solemnization & reception . Wow sgt ramai org because of the year end sale promotion but luckily for us their staff were friendly enough to handle our demands instantly. I always love chiffon so it wasnt hard for me to decide and I was like, just picked the very first one design that caught my eyes, didnt bother to look around cause it will make harder for me to make up my mind, and with dy there made it easier for me. I always want white ruffles dress for my wedding and Dy chose a baby blue garment for his side.

Then our theme color would b like this. sort of i guess and I like it :)

nk dress camni tp dy ckp im not slim enough..huhu kecik ati

sgt suka ini :)

Now its time to start design the dress. yeyy

Tuesday, December 15

yea.. am back

I was lazy and hv been pending to write for quite so long despite all the times, the access that i got, it just am so enjoying the holiday filling up with eating, sleeping, shopping, movie session and doing everything i including spent times with my dear Dy. He’s been busy with work but trying his best to spare some quality time with me.. kesian u sayang every day I'd pushed him to leave office early so that we can grab dinner together hehe

Went back home for hari raya aidiladha and the weather was like heaven. It was pouring rain everyday and i was like doing everything from under the duvet but I really love it. yes it's not always like that in kelantan consider I went home every 2 months where is the weather always burning and I cant stand to go anywhere in such a heat. sama mcm duk miri jeh.

so I only got 2 weeks left before the holiday ends. Going back home tomorrow and need to do or more to decide on a few things about the wedding. Need to visit a few more bridal shops for dress testing (nothing catches my eyes yet so far), to choose the dais of my dream and to find a perfect bakery for my wedding cake.

Everyone keeps saying “tape lambat lg, 6 bln lagi”

ergghh I hate to hear that. Knowing that when I get back to miri, I wont manage to do anything right alone even to decide what kind of dress I’d love to wear for solemnization or what color I’d love as for the wedding theme huhu. I cant do this alone and time management is important. 6 months like far away for some people but for me everything need to be start from now otherwise there’s will be no wedding for me in June, 2010. God help me!

p/s: going to upload pics of lynn's wedding later. got a plane to catch. tata


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