MR & MRs LENG ;)

MR & MRs LENG ;)

Wednesday, May 19

of pre-wed photoshoot (finally) and card

Okayy..where should I begin?

Lately mmg hampeh malas giler nak update blog just rajin for blog hopping jeh tapi kan makin banyak aku baca those preparations yg all b2bs tu buat lagi la rasa tension. yerlah duk sini mmg tak banyak benda boleh buat padahal dalam kepala duk fikir banyaknyer benda nak kena settlekan before the big day tapi semua kena hold dulu until my holidays (3 weeks yaay) finally come basically in 2 week times huhu then I only get 1 whole week to settle everything. sigh..

Yesterday Dy dah sent out our invitation cards and I’m going to receive it tomorrow. Mesti bertambah busy bcoz I need to do some deco first before I can send it out. uwaa dahla exam paper berlambak nak kena marking, workload pun bertambah dah dekat2 nak cuti nih so definitely it’s going to be a hectic week for me. pffh!

Dy plak is struggling to finish printing & cutting all those maps bcoz it was unattached with the card. Like I said before, our maps are printed on A4 paper and Dy needs to cut it to half. So sorie sayang I’m not able to help you. lol.. As known Dy is still on leave, doc gave him another week bcoz he’s having a real bad sore throat despite his doing fine with his recovery. Act ada hikmahnya gak he has been sick so that he’s able to finish things that should be done by him. haha

One of them is the wedding invitation card :

our wedding card :))

the maps

Dy does this as a mock up for deco

So we optioned for card yang simple but cute & sweet. I’ve always has a thing with colorful thingy and Dy made a wonderful job which is I love it to bits! And most important, people may not have a heart to throw it away. kan selalu kad kawen org akan buang (jarang orang simpan huhu) after the wedding kan, and me..err no exception so hopefully our wed card nih org takkan buang so it’s like another favor from our wedding hehe and the theme masih lagi 'back to school' like our theme for pre wed photoshoot. The envelope looks like a cover of exercise book and I’m so happy with it (despite not so my liking at the beginning hehe)

And I finally manage to pick a few from ton of photos from the pre wed photoshoot to upload, so here :

I personally love this one :)

jumping jumping *sib baik kitaorg request untuk amik style ni huhu

cam yer yer jeh kami berlakon haha

bercinta atas pokok hehe

We had great times doing that photoshoot even though it was far from our satisfaction. Our directions actually were quite different with the photographer’s and he's not really listen to us huhu.. and on the way back from the photoshoot Dy kept saying to do it again but I didn’t think that was a good idea..yerlah mana ada masa lagi kan plus cam membazir jeh to hire another photographer for another shoot. So we just hoping those already-taken photos are worth it with money we’d paying.

And Alhamdulillah semua ok lorhh..

Thursday, May 13


Have u ever had a feeling that u're helpless towards somebody close to you? I’ve feel it all the times and as happen I do feel it right now after talking on the phone about it. But what can I do. He has his own life and I only can help if he asked for it, otherwise I should just praying for the best so that Allah will make it easier for him and his family.

And I doesnt like this feeling. Unable to help.


Tuesday, May 11

dinner nite

Okayy.. I really don’t know what to write despite feeling so itchy to update here hehe.. been occupied with work lately so nothing much to share. Just please enjoy the photos that taken during my dinner date with Yatt & Ma last weekend at Grand Palace. This time was on me bcoz finally I got my outstanding salary for almost 2 years :)
p/s : but need to save the rest of it for the wedding huhu

Owh.. and Dy was discharge from SJMC last thursday and now he’s at his hometown to rest and for healing process. Im super jealous bcoz the doc gave him mc for almost 2weeks hehe patut ke jealous org tu dahla sakit. Nasib baik gak his parents brought him home bcoz am so worried nobody is going to take care of him if he stays at his rent house.

Pls get well soon honeyh..the big day is approaching soon wink wink!!

hepi face with the food.

their's plate ~ grilled chicken chop

my plate ~ mix chicken & beef grilled

dua orang that i love..


Wednesday, May 5

entry emo

Certain people were born stupid! B.O.D.O.H !!
Menyusahkan aku. Menambahkan kerja aku.
Tak tahu sistem ke? Klu nak amik pepe brg kat meja org kena la tunggu tuan meja tu ada.. aku tahula korang dah byr, dah excited sgt nak ambik kan tapi S.A.B.A.R lah idiot. Ni tak psl2 buat kecah kat meja aku. Yang aku paling tak tahan "mereka2 yang tak byr lagi, apahal sibuk nak ambik gak" Owh ckp kat orang berapi tak nak beli, pertikaikan kualiti la tapi bila brg dah ada, laju plak ko ambik ekk?


Tuesday, May 4

darah manis..kot

Gosh these couple of days I memang serabut habis.. Mostly bcoz of my honeyh yang kena admitted to the SJMC tiba2 jeh. On Monday morning he texted me bgtahu dah ada kat hospital sbb sakit perut giler dah tak tahan he drove to the hospital alone. I ingat dia gastric yang biasa2 jeh tp bila doc kata kena admitted I was like..what the what? Padahal the night before he was okay jeh went out with friends and attending AIM apa semua. Rupanya dah confirm that he’s having appendix and need to undergo a surgery immediately. I was so sad knowing that he’s all alone sebab housemate dia (Limi) keja, family plak jauh. It brought me to my tears bila dengar suara dia lemah jeh dalam phone sabar jelah rasa time tu gak nak fly balik kl. I called his mum to inform her about it and mlm tu gak my fmil took a flight to kl and bila dah ptg sikit I called his housemate mintak tolong to bring him clothes, charger and whatnot, thanks to Limi walaupun sibuk sangat hari tu sempat gak dia balik rumah untuk amik sume brg2 dy and bwk g hospital. So mlm tu gak he gone through a minor surgery to remove that stupid appendix and Alhamdulillah sume dah okay all he needs now is a good rest and to get better. Poor my dear honeyh nih.

my poor honeyh, still tryin to be cute wlupun tgh sakit :)

haha time ni myb tgh on phone with me before the surgery :)

tgk, masih senyum2 tapi dalam hati mesti nervous gilerr tu (haha i know u well honeyh)

I am so sick worried smpai tidur pun dah tak berapa nak lena how I wish I can be there with him to accompany him time2 mcm ni la yang buat I rasa benci sangat that we’re being apart plus my school ni mmg susah sgt nak cuti so terpaksa sabar jelah kalaulah my honeyh tu jatuh sakit on thursday konpem2 that night gak I fly balik kl. Mayb ni dugaan Allah nak bagi kat kami kot as tinggal sebulan jeh lagi before our big day. Ni kot yang org kata darah manis tu hopefully after this tade dah benda2 camni that will happen to him or me(praying).

To sayang,
(I know u will b reading this later)
Get well soon my dear.. I'm so sorry I wasn’t there to be with you. Don’t think about anything else (card, the wed, work etc) just try to get better okeh. U know how much I love u and how much I demn care about u. muaaachh!

Sunday, May 2

tak sabar

Skrg tgh tunggu nih..bila tah nak sampai hehe dah memang perangai takleh tgk baju cantik online mesti gatal tgn nak beli :)) I bought it from here.

Cute kan..rasa cam nak beli sekali ngan model tu hopefully bila I pki akan cute mcm dia gak hahaa

Saturday, May 1

a favor for girlfriends

So remember this one?

I've ordered it from RenjisMempelai last week and my sist Ining received it already and said it is so cute in actual yeay! but I only ordered it for 50pcs as a favor to be given to my girlfriends. So guys jangan lupa dtg yeh :)
Despite tak tengok la camne lg those thing (my sist ckp kecik jeh) tp sangat puas hati ngan service Leen from RM ni because I only put the deposit on tuesday, made a full payment on wednesday as she'd sent it out already and on thursday my sist received it. Sangat pantas tp ada satu accident which is when the parcel arrived, my bubbly sist tu tak check brg tu betul2 bcoz she was in hurry nak outing and bgtahu I those candles hanya ada 48pcs (instead of 50pcs) together with a box of biscuit and I was like..what?? biscuit?? tak faham betul so I cepat2 texted Leen to ask her and she promised to check it with her supplier..yg kelakarnyer bila dah mlm my sist pun bukak la kotak biskut tu and guess what? she found another 2pcs of the candle in that box. hahaha ngok ngek betul la adik aku tu so I terus sms Leen to apologize hehe nasib baik dia sporting jeh even though dia dah order another 2pcs from her supplier. Silly betul hehe

Skrg plak tgh fikir2 samada nak order brown paperbag from her or not sbb masih tak sure nak guna utk apa. She charge RM1 for pcs with ribbon and sticker..murahla kan? so tgkla camne sbb sayang already design the sticker to put on the yassin and everything so rasanya tayahla kot sticker from her besides klu beli sendiri brown paperbag tu lagi murah kot tp klu tak sempat nak cari myb order jelah from her ermm..

And on other note, my sist said my bedroom set belum sampai2 lagi. haiihh my first thought is nak guna jeh katil yg dah ada tp my mum kata beli jelah new set so I ikut jelah and yang jadi mangsa Ining lah sbb dia yg kena jadi driver utk bwk my parents g kedai perabot. Being me kan mmg cerewet sikit bile nak beli brg so bila org lain yg akan beli choose peningla kepala. Nasib baik diaorg jumpa yg I suka :)

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