MR & MRs LENG ;)

MR & MRs LENG ;)

Thursday, September 23

Last part of cerita raya.

Work is starting to fill up but am still not in the mood to do anything. Malas betul inilah bahana bila cuti lama sangat grrr..
In other note, my right lower gum is suddenly swollen and it’s affecting my ear too. It has been a few days already causing me difficulties to chew my food and when I woke up every day, it hurts like helllll.. Don’t really know what caused it just hoping it will be better soon sbb malas nak g clinic.

This coming weekend am planning to do some cooking because my friend Lina is craving for home made spaghetti and she asked me to cook it. So we are thinking to do some other simple dishes like mushroom soup, garlic bread and mashed potatoes. Hopefully jadi la kan babe. Hehe skrg cam dah pandai/confident nak buat mashed potatoes and gravy sauce sbb aritu dah test skill kat umah PIL during our BBQ session. Hubster said it was good so okaylah, I trust him haha (cuba la cakap tak sedap mau kena cubit!)

So arini nak sambung sikit lg psl cite raya. Around 12noon mcm tuh we’re already on the way to Dungun from my hometown. PIL ngan adik2 in-laws dah gerak dulu so we’ve promised to meet them there. Hampir semua rumah sedara kot (belah my FIL) kitaorg pegi on 1st day raya tue and on 2nd day plak kita round semua rumah sedara belah my MIL.

Now I’m going to share some more photos but as I mention before, mmg tak banyak amik gamba masa jln2 kt Dungun ngan KT sbb sume dah malas, sibuk makan jeh so awal2 jelah rajin hehe. Besides rasa cam pelik jeh melawat sedara mara nak bergambar apa bagai kan hehe as it was considered my first time to their house so tayahla nak over kan. hehe

Ini dengan adik2 in-laws, Dira & Yaya. dua2 tinggi kakak ipar jeh pendek huhuu

from left are my beloved MIL, adik2 ipar, Cik Anie and anak2

Yang tutup muka tu Ariq, BIL yg bongsu ~ malu2 kucing gitu hehe

Dua beradik ni mmg rapat despite jumpa bape kali jeh setahun. Sayang tgh tunjuk apa tah kat Ariq :)

Adik hubster yg no 2 ~ Izwan & Aisha

Tiga generasi :) Itu nenek sebelah my FIL

Hubster & Muiz (cousin) p/s : I'am in action kat belakang tu hehe

Yaya dah ready so bergambar2 dulu kat pondok. Ini kat umah PIL before g beraya on 2nd day.

Ini kat umah Tok'ki kutip mangga, sempatt!!
p/s bkn mengidam yeh mmg hantu mangga
pantang nampak hehe

So, boleh dikatakan raya this year was fun despite certain things that happened before it. Semoga diizinkan tuhan untuk berpuasa & beraya lg tahun depan. InsyaAllah.

p/s : Oppss belum cite lg psl apa yg I dpt from hubster as a duit raya hehe

Monday, September 20

Eid 2010 ~ Alhamdulillah..

So am already back to Miri arrived safely almost midnite, thanks to bestie Lina for fetching me up. I don’t sleep really well last night, myb sbb berubah tempat tido kot (and without hubster by my side huhu) and at work today, it seems that I can’t stop yawning. Luckily there’s nothing at school that can hold me to stay longer. At 2pm sharp terus clock out and went straight home (on the way singgah jap umah kak sanu amik keta)

Hari Raya hols was fun though despite very tiring. This year raya without doubt was different and merrier as it was my first year celebrating it as a wife. We’d been back and forth from my hometown to hubster’s starting syawal. Sib baik 2jam jeh every time klu tak masak gak kitaorg duk ulang alik tu plus tade tol so okaylah. 1st & 2nd raya adalah aktiviti melawat rumah sanak saudara belah my PIL in Dungun & Kuala Terengganu. It’s a tradition for newlyweds to visit kaum kerabat and being the 1st daughter-in-law in the family, it is a must. My MIL pun memang excited nak bwk kami berjalan sbb lepas kawin aritu memang tak sempat nak g rumah sapa2.

I must admit though that it was very tiring, mana lagi dengan cuaca panas and bab makan toksah cite la sampai arini perut still kembang lg kot haha but I took it as a responsibility for being a new member in the family (tp mengomel gak kat hubster bila dah penat sangat) but it was fun though (Its true honey! hehe)

Be with hubster for 2weeks was also a blessed. That was the longest days we got to spend as a spouse together so far and I can’t be happier even though my duty as wife masih belum dapat dilaksanakan sepenuhnya. Gosh I can’t wait to have our own place that I can call home so that I can fulfill my responsibility as a wife to him accordingly. But still I enjoyed this time raya to the bits as merasa la isi duit raya dlm sampul sama2 with him (we spent almost rm600 for duit raya alone this year ermm) gosok his baju raya, too bad I can’t accompany him for sembahyang sunat hari raya.

So lets have take a look to some pictures during the Eid ~ all photos was taken during 1st Syawal only..raya kedua and latter dah malas nak bergambar :)

Our juadah di pagi raya : sate, nasi impit, kuah kacang, kek lapis, rendang, lemang, nasi goreng that i cooked (not in the pic ~ balik sembahyang raya semua laju jeh mkn nasi goreng dulu hehe) & tomyam.

Makan-makan dulu sebelum org datang beraya ~ owh ya, pagi raya was at my house, bila dah tengahari sikit baru kitaorg gerak pi Dungun :)

Dah habis makan, main mercun plak ~ semua 4 beradik tue fahmi jeh baju lari tema sket, nie semua anak abg Ruh/Iswadi, my abang yg sulung.

Cik Ha bagi duit raya pada Adit ~ anak abang Iskandar, my abang yg no. 4

Ini plak my abang yg no.5 - En. Ismawi with Thaqif ~ bapak yg sengih lebih anak dpt duit raya :)

Nik Adit ~ org sibuk makan dia sibuk duk usung dvd apatah tu suruh pasang hehe

Itu Mak Teh (my auntie-in-law) ngan anak2 ~ time nie tak ramai lg yg dtg.

Ayus ~ anak abang Ruh yg bongsu, makin besar makin cute like her Cik Ha :))

Abang Iskandar & Adit ~ Yasmin & ibunya mana tah.

Haha mcm anak-anak kami sedondon gitu ~ Adit ngan Yasmin

Berdua sajor this year but next year tak sure lagi kot kot bertiga hahaha

Sanak-saudara jerla yg ramai pagi raya sbb my mom adalah anak sulong in the family so adik-beradik semua datang serbu umah Mak Long. Mcm dah jadi tradition.

So this is my mom aka Tok Mek, me & my youngest sis, Zimah ~ minah tue tiba2 bertudung gak, yg kakak nyer dah ready nak gerak g dungun.

Lil bro Izwan with nieces - Yamin & Ayus. Sadly on 2nd day raya he was admitted to HUSM sbb my mom realized mata dia kuning & he said mmg dia tak lalu makan dah week before raya. He was suspected having a Hepatitis B and until today doc still lagi tak bg balik even though he's doing better. Sian betul.

Ini semua my SIL ~ from left, Kak Iza (sulung) Kak Yah (No.4) & Kak Nurul (No.5). U see, I got 10 siblings : 5 bros, 1 sis, me, 2 lil bros, 2 lil sisters. That explains why my SIL smpai 5 org hehe. Ini pun tak semua yg balik. Abg Izhar (No.3) tak balik, Abg Ispazhil (No.2) balik the next day, my only big sis Mira beraya kt umah PIL, my adik Ining dah pegi keja kul 10 aritu and Mamat, my youngest bro tade dlm gamba sibuk duk main PS2.

Two lil rascals.

This is my dad aka Tok Ayoh :)

Makan dulu sebelum org datang beraya.

Wahh panjang plak post ni. Next time i'll share raya photos kt dungun & kuala terengganu.

Thursday, September 16

photo raya

Our very first raya photo together ;)

1 syawal 1431 / Sept 10, 2010

Its already 7th day of hari raya but its never too late to wish Happy Eid Mubarak once again right? After all its one month of celebration and am still enjoying it  :)
Ampun dan maaf dipinta from both of us.

Wednesday, September 8

cerita sebelum balik beraya

Hence hari raya is just around the corner.
We are leaving by midnight tonight to my hometown as planned. Everything is ready to go I guess it just I need to do some more packing while waiting for hubster to get back from work. Rasanya semua dah ada kot for raya like baju raya : checked, kuih-muih (a few need to be pick up before leave) and an awning tudung for my mom, hopefully sempat carik arini.

On saturday we went for shopping baju raya at Subang Parade but before that we went to MPH warehouse sale at kelana jaya. gosh sangat happy sbb managed to grab 3 books and one of them is Mini Shopaholic yeay! the retail price is at rm69.90 but they hv offered 30% off for every book so mestila beli kan. I also got a secondhand book by Cecelia Ahern, A Place Called Home (an old version cover which I like a lot) at RM5 only. what a bargain kan? Memang dah lama nak beli buku ni and the last one is from Julia Williams, The Bridesmaid Pact (nothing special about this book I just love love reading a story about the wedding hehe)

After that we headed to Subang Parade & hubster bought me my caftan baju raya (another yeay) sangat suka itu baju sbb suits me perfectly well (mind u banyak gilo caftans yg lawa2 kat sana) and in return, I bought him baju melayu from Alain Delon that matched my caftan :) konon sweet la tukar2 gift gitu muahahaa.
For iftar we settled at Fatty Crab, PJ ~ erghh ramai giler orang we have to wait for almost 30mins before got our seats but it worth the waiting sbb fatty crab mmg scrumptious! we ordered 2kati of crabs (enough for 2people), fried rice & chicken wings. Result : kenyang & buntang perut hehe

On sunday, we only went out for Iftar. At first rasa mcm nak makan kat Ikea tp cancel sbb hubster ajak makan kat Ani Sup Utara, Damansara tp bila sampai sana kedainya plak tutup huhu so terpaksala berbuka dlm keta dulu nasib dah tapau something at bazaar Taman Tun. Akhirnya we settled at Absolute Thai, Ikano Power Centre. The foods quite good as we were having; steamed rice, thai fish cakes, tomyam seafood & spicy papaya salad aka somtam.

These past few days hv been great time for hubster and I as merasa la jugak bersahur & berbuka as a hubby & wifey (wlupun takde kesempatan lg nak masak, dapur belum ada huhu) but yesterday something happened and its kinda ruined my mood to do everything. Ingat nak g klcc for last minute shopping tp terus cancel tambah lg ngan pms so I thought it would be better if I stayed at home rather than facing the chaos of people in klcc.. kang tak psl2 aku meroyan uish (meroyan kat rumah takpe haha)

Lastly guys.. Happy Eid Mubarak, have a blast hari raya and hv a safe journey home. Maaf zahir & batin.

Friday, September 3


This is a very quick short update.

I’m EXCITED & Content!
The day finally arrived yeay.. am leaving on the jet plane in a few hours.

Hubster dear, cant wait to see u :) (and my baby coach too hahaa)


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