MR & MRs LENG ;)

MR & MRs LENG ;)

Wednesday, September 8

cerita sebelum balik beraya

Hence hari raya is just around the corner.
We are leaving by midnight tonight to my hometown as planned. Everything is ready to go I guess it just I need to do some more packing while waiting for hubster to get back from work. Rasanya semua dah ada kot for raya like baju raya : checked, kuih-muih (a few need to be pick up before leave) and an awning tudung for my mom, hopefully sempat carik arini.

On saturday we went for shopping baju raya at Subang Parade but before that we went to MPH warehouse sale at kelana jaya. gosh sangat happy sbb managed to grab 3 books and one of them is Mini Shopaholic yeay! the retail price is at rm69.90 but they hv offered 30% off for every book so mestila beli kan. I also got a secondhand book by Cecelia Ahern, A Place Called Home (an old version cover which I like a lot) at RM5 only. what a bargain kan? Memang dah lama nak beli buku ni and the last one is from Julia Williams, The Bridesmaid Pact (nothing special about this book I just love love reading a story about the wedding hehe)

After that we headed to Subang Parade & hubster bought me my caftan baju raya (another yeay) sangat suka itu baju sbb suits me perfectly well (mind u banyak gilo caftans yg lawa2 kat sana) and in return, I bought him baju melayu from Alain Delon that matched my caftan :) konon sweet la tukar2 gift gitu muahahaa.
For iftar we settled at Fatty Crab, PJ ~ erghh ramai giler orang we have to wait for almost 30mins before got our seats but it worth the waiting sbb fatty crab mmg scrumptious! we ordered 2kati of crabs (enough for 2people), fried rice & chicken wings. Result : kenyang & buntang perut hehe

On sunday, we only went out for Iftar. At first rasa mcm nak makan kat Ikea tp cancel sbb hubster ajak makan kat Ani Sup Utara, Damansara tp bila sampai sana kedainya plak tutup huhu so terpaksala berbuka dlm keta dulu nasib dah tapau something at bazaar Taman Tun. Akhirnya we settled at Absolute Thai, Ikano Power Centre. The foods quite good as we were having; steamed rice, thai fish cakes, tomyam seafood & spicy papaya salad aka somtam.

These past few days hv been great time for hubster and I as merasa la jugak bersahur & berbuka as a hubby & wifey (wlupun takde kesempatan lg nak masak, dapur belum ada huhu) but yesterday something happened and its kinda ruined my mood to do everything. Ingat nak g klcc for last minute shopping tp terus cancel tambah lg ngan pms so I thought it would be better if I stayed at home rather than facing the chaos of people in klcc.. kang tak psl2 aku meroyan uish (meroyan kat rumah takpe haha)

Lastly guys.. Happy Eid Mubarak, have a blast hari raya and hv a safe journey home. Maaf zahir & batin.


Nadia said...

eh, baju teleng tu cam familiar je :P anyway, selamat hari raya east and teleng :)

scweet mafis said...

hehe baju dari uk la katakan..
thanks anyway korang.

Happy Eid gak to both of u. Maaf zahir & batin okeh.
Next year dah leh celebrate raya sini kan :)


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