MR & MRs LENG ;)

MR & MRs LENG ;)

Thursday, November 26

trip two - cameron highlands

We figured it is enough for only one day trip to cameron highlands as we'd been there for almost every year since 2006. I just wanted to feel the fresh air, having a lot of strawberries and buy some flower and vegetables. Cameron Highlands always be my favorite place for a weekend get away but since Dy only got one day leave on wednesday before we left for hari raya aidiladha on thursday, so why not la kan even for one day trip? hehe

breakfast that i wouldn't miss every time @ uncle raju's farm

i was trying to be cute at strawberries farm

and he did too :)

strawberries yg dibeli, i like :) & itu ialah uncle raju

sayang memborong cactus for his mom

i was tired after all the shopping spree & dy's taking a nap

bought some roses & daisy, lovely kan?

Tuesday, November 24

trip one - kota kinabalu

gosh! been lazy to update even i got all the time in the world. Here some pics from our recent trip to kk.. we went to 3 different islands in 1 day, did some shopping at the very famous philippine market, the food esp seafood is quite cheap, really this place is great for holiday! and tomorrow morning we’re leaving for a trip to cameron highland which is always be my favorite place for a holiday, we're breaking the dawn cause its only one day trip.
Cant wait for the fresh air & strawberries, yummy!!

to pulau manukan with love

Its time to go home

Friday, November 20

quick post

God, I missed blogging a lot! Its been a few days now since my last post and I hv so many things in mind and so many pics to share huhu but sadly I dont hv enough time for it today. Year end school break officially started yesterday and am leaving for KK in a few hours and I dont pack anything yet erghh just cant wait to meet my honey :)

Will update about our trip in my next post. soon I hope!

And not to forget "Good Luck" & "All The Best" to all my SPM & STPM candidates!

Till then, happy Friday guys and hv a blast weekend.


p/s : nak beli ni gak plsss sweet sgt.. Harper's BAZAAR cover for Dec

Saturday, November 14

my love

My super skinny fiancé that I adore and miss so much! I U honey but pls gain some fat yeh :)

p/s : yg pki baju pink tu azuar yer. tade kaitan ngan entry ni. hehe

Friday, November 13

Fashion emergency

I hv nothing suitable to wear for annual dinner this Saturday, that's the problem actually. Oppss it’s tomorrow nite o.m.g. The theme is eastern & western (I seriously dunno where da hell they got the idea) and seriously dont know exactly what to wear. I’ve been thinking to wear this lovely two layer chiffon skirt that I own for ages but dont have anything decent to match to make it more eastern. huhu

And bad thing is I dont feeling to buy anything yet. So? Actually I really dont want to think about it, I dont want to go at the first place but it is compulsory for every teacher. dang! Think am going to make it simple myb just wearing a levi's jeh besides its not really a formal function if not we are needed to wear batik instead. urggh mental.

Need to be here again tomorrow. It’s getting to my nerves actually that I need to be in school early on Saturday morning 3 times in row already. STUPID is really a right word! Please quickly end this craziness, I want to go away anywhere but here.

Till then, tata guys. Hv a wonderful weekend ahead.

Thursday, November 12

random pic

checkaout that bummy butt! haha

pic tagged from natasha's fb. thanks sweetie

Tuesday, November 10

Sad it is.

It is sadden when good thing comes to end. I read all of The Twilight Saga book already and I’d to say that am feeling sad a bit when it ends. Not because of the ending really; Bella & Edward live happily forever with their adorable-half immortal daughter, Nessie and everything but I just want more, seriously! I am so impressed with Stephenie Meyer to come with such a brilliant ideas that not many of us can. Its classic & entertaining too! I hope she will consider to continue writing this saga, perhaps about Nessie & Jacob relationship plak :) and wish I can write something brilliant like she did but that something hard to achieve I guess huhu..

So now I just have to wait unwearyingly for the movies. They now doing Eclipse and there’s a rumor that Edward appearance only a lil in New Moon, that’s really disappointing me though and since im obsessed with everything about Twilight, Rob Pattinson is non-exception (he’s a heartthrob really but he isn’t sure he likes it, ermm) im definitely going to buy this December issue of Vanity Fair. Dy said it is a waste but I don’t think so honey hahaha


Saturday, November 7

Im off for today. Its saturday bdway.
Going for present hunting for school annual dinner later, tonite for precisely. Sadly im officially broke so not planning to get any extravagant thing. Poor for whomever that going to receive my prezzie hehe
This year, they wants to do it differently sort of exchanging present instead of every teacher get the same present.
Still clueless what to get.
Any ideas?

Have a great weekend everyone.


Thursday, November 5

Not much.

There's nothing much to share nowadays except for my obsession to book. Dy complaining already hehe.
Got enough sleep last night as I passed out 11 something on couch and crawling to bed past midnite.

Me & Breaking Dawn

Workload is also lighten only a few things left that need to be settle for my class before schooling end for this year. Grateful for that.

I just have to wait patiently for Nov to fly away so that I can spend time with Dy & my family again. Lot of things need to be plan, decide & done too this coming Dec.

Exciting & thrilling.. tick tock tick tock

Wednesday, November 4

Do you know how important are you to me?

My dear,
I know you probably wonder sometimes what you mean to me.
(If u do i hope :D)
So I would like to share this thought with you, to tell you that you mean the world to me.

Do you know how important you are to me?
Think of something you couldn’t live without.. and multiply it by a hundred.

Think of what happiness means to you.. and add it to the feeling you get on the best days you’ve ever had.

Add up all your best feelings and take away all the rest.. and what you’re left with is exactly how I feel about you.

You matter more to me than you can imagine and much more than I’ll ever be able to explain.

p/s : sorry for this mellow post.. reading Eclipse, to know how Bella & Edward easily connected to each other unconditionally & irrevocably in love, how their love is powerful enough nothing can comes between them made me miss u even more. Pls November, go away hurry. I want to be with him..


Monday, November 2


I woke up this morning feeling slight headache. It might because of lackness of sleep that I only managed to get 3 hours of it last nite. Went to bed around 2.00am two days in row already, not very healthy for me I guess.. erm then what am doing?? I cant resisted myself to stop reading Eclipse which I’d call it as “Twilight Attack” hehe.. I already reach up half of it and cant wait for Breaking Dawn next.. Edward & Bella getting married soon!! duh super jealous to Bella :)

Pictures (below) was taken on MPP pra-u 2009 Nite at Mega hotel :

two gorgeous teacher :)

the only food I managed to snap

Yatt, By, Lina & Kak Ja

with lovely Zet & her bf, Andrian

Vanessa, By, Tina & Yatt


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