MR & MRs LENG ;)

MR & MRs LENG ;)

Friday, July 31

quick post

4.45pm ~ Friday
Still in school, scouts meeting. boring. cannot wait for it to end. wanna go to boulevard to do some shopping.yey

I got a few resolutions to tag along. Will update more about it later. Now get ready to ciao. later ya guys, have a wonderful weekend.

Hepi Friday! kisses!!

Thursday, July 30

plain it is.

..was thinking to change color of my bedsheet, before this I always preferred colorful/strips duvet but next time im going to try it plain like white or myb very light purple, so going to hit AUSSINO soon, I think they provides the best thread count sheets.

like this quite nice

I just feel affectionate & so much in love right now :) I realize that ever since we got engaged, Dy treats me pleasantly (not that he never did that before) but this time its different, every time I sulk or get angry, he’s going to apologize straight away & talks really nice & so sweet to me.
Im also surprised that we had never been in a big fight ever since which is so good! so one thing I learnt from this companionship is that we try to become a better person & try to understand more each day. Thanks honey for really trying!!

u know i love u :)

Wednesday, July 29

shots for the day

favorite place every nite; bed

bed time face :)

the sky during assembly this morning, scary owh!

students's exam paper, so boring to finish marking

while supervised students seating 4 their exam in art room :D


Tuesday, July 28

I need glasses..

Its been a while since I feel something is wrong with my eyes & recently it become worst. Always feel itchy & hazy, I cannot stand direct lights esp when I was driving at night with all the lights on the road or exposed too much to the sunlight. My sight going to be blurred and I get headache straight away.

I told Dy and he asked me to go check my eyes & if I need glasses he going to pay for it yeyy! thank u honey (I only like that ‘pay’ part actually hehe didn’t really like the fact that I need to wear glasses) and apparently I need it every time am driving at nite or doing my work on lappy to prevent my eyes from getting worst.

But as common its hard for me to choose which one I should get. Here some of shots taken during my glasses-hunting last weekend. For now it is between the pink one from Swatch and brown one from Elle. So which one I favored most..?

this is from Elle. do i look old in this one..?

pinky from swatch, Dy loves this one

or this one? blue black - also from swatch

and again I got meeting to attend this afternoon. I thought since students are seating for their exam this week I can relax a bit away from extra classes & cocurriculum activities but I was wrong. so damn la this school after one then another. Benci nyerrrrr..
One more thing, yesterday I broke plastic chair during lesson, seriously didn’t know how it happened, it just broke when I sit down, lucky I didn’t fall off the floor (yea they provides plastic chair for teacher in classroom. how lame is that?) then I MUST pay 25bucks to replace it. How come we teachers need to pay for our own chair? I don’t get it, stupid seriously.

Saturday, July 25


Cannot wait for schooling to end, its saturday of course i hate to be at school! Luckily all students are seating for their monthly test & first trial so i can rileks my butt for the day but still, its bored!


** pic's quality not so good taken by dell webcam plus the sunburn, ouwch!

Friday, July 24

which one?

me & dy been through these silly argument for almost 2 weeks. Its one big decision for him to make and when he did asked my opinions, I was like..I don’t think so sayang hehe..
he loves this, and I hated it.

Peugeot 308 Turbo

I got a few reasons why I hate it so much but it is not enough to affect him to change the decision. One is, the car may be powered by 1.6 liter engines from the PSA-BMW Prince family and mated to Porsche Tiptronic 4-speed transmissions blala blaa but the body looked funny & 2 thumbs goes down. I think the new Honda City is much better and the price is not too much compare to that lil thing but he keeps convincing me City is rubbish. so bad la u sayang :)

I also think if we buy cheaper car, so that way we can save more money in the future so then we can afford other things like to have our dreams house (more to my dream house :p)

I know all the arguments that we had going-no-where until he finally decide, so sayanggg pls ya, raya is coming soon so I would love to ride a new horse for raya this year hahaa..
Make up ur mind yeh!

Thursday, July 23


I hate this feeling, uneasy.
I dont know why they didnt understand when i yelled, scolded, pot pet to them, its not because of hatred guys, common' la its for ur own good!

I realise there a few of u that doesnt seems to understand how important to struggle at this point, if not u gonna regretted it forever. I been there once, i knew how it feel. Its hard, people who put some much efforts & hope in u will disappointed and u going to broke their heart badly, people will look down at u, everything u do, doesnt seems enough for them, people who care most about u might go away, they r not going to trust u anymore.. and at that moment nothing u can do except for REGRET.

and to gain it back, u might have to struggle even more harder than u do now and trust me, it wont that easy.

Pls la, change ur attitude, be more serious, think of ur future, stop play around so much and try to be better not only for ur own sake, but also for those people who have fate on u.

I have fate on all of u. I know if u put lil bit more efforts, nothing that can hold u.
Pls dont let me down.

xoxo, cikgu is

Tuesday, July 21


I miss that smile (the smile from guy in black jacket yer, he insisted me to state which smile haha)
Always do.


Monday, July 20

It is over.

happy face :)

so now school annual sports day was over and i was dancing my ass on the table! Everything went well as planned and i felt like one big burden being lifted away from my shoulder by the time it's over. im trying really hard to get my job done & if anyone who may concern doesnt satisfied, so what i want to say is, back off idiot, its over!

so as a result for 2 days of school sports, my arms and face got quite a sunburn, my skins are dry & looked really hideous and this gonna avoid me from wearing sleeveless for a very longgg period. huhu
I am wondering how it going to recover back, luckily i hv this milky lightening lotion from garnier that made those sunburn fade away already & seriously, it made me feel much better.

Here some pics that I managed to snap during the day.

ugly faces : By or michelle?? :)

Opening Ceremony :

pom pom girls

** till next year!

Tuesday, July 14

i miss u too

Last nite, Dy sms'ed me these 3 lil words "Dy rindu By.." but i was in a deep sleep & only read it when woke up this morning, feel touched & sad the same time. I knew he must be really tired and needed me by his side.
& here it goes what i feel to return him the favor :)


I miss u all the time.

I miss u when something silly happens and I think of how we'd laugh about it.

I miss u when im having a bad day and i know your smile would cheer me up in a minute.

I miss u when there's exciting news and u're not here to share the celebrating.

I miss u during ordinary moments, when just being together would make the day special.

You hv a forever place in my heart that no one else could fill.

and whenever we're apart, I cant help but missing u ~ a lot!


Monday, July 13

Food frustration


Finally i watched Transformers last weekend yeah.. it wasnt in our plan actually, around 7.00pm on cold saturday evening, we went out for dinner sbb malas nk masak..I was so craving to eat steak at Mega hotel but then we changed our plan and headed to new place in town called Selera Warisan..the place is cool, very cozy but unfortunately the food are really2 poor, thumb down!
I ordered this, sizzling beef with black pepper sauce & rice, at first it seems quite interesting with all the smoke flying out when the waiter bringing it to our table but when came to the taste; its suck! aku rasa mcm mkn black pepper yg sebiji2 tu ahdoi, then we ordered sotong celup tepung, rasanya pun sgt funny, yatt cakap kue teow tomyam dia pun biasa jeh and ma punya chicken tomyam tasted exactly like yatt's hahaha..

boleh nmpak black pepper yg ditabur2 tu kan

teh tarik ni jeh yg ok

I was like, im not coming back to this place, seriously! so after all the food frustrations, we went to Bintang Plaza just to check out the movie show and lucky for us, Transformers showing at 9.15pm, so we immediately purchased ticket but still we missed the beginning though.
I told Dy before the movie,
"sayang, by nk tgk transformers ni” and he was like "eh ada cinema ke sana" hahaha..
Of course la ada honeyyy..
This is miri city okay, not pekan miri just like u people are imaging! so the show was awesome, and by the time show ended, I felt better already.

Woke up a bit late on sunday morning, making breakfast iaitu prawn fried rice and after that doing some paper marking, watching Friends on tely and taking nap.
In the evening we went to Bintang Plaza again to do some shopping. Ma bought DKNY Delicious Night perfume, me & yatt shop for shoes, I bought wedges, loads of chocolate, big apple donuts & yatt bought pair of heels. Felt good to spend some money even though I officially broke this month after spent quite a fortune on Dy’s birthday presents :) but doesn’t matter, with money or no money, I still need shoes right..? goddam right haha

ehh need to run, no time for photo loading, will update later. tata

Friday, July 10

fat fat

Last wed, went to the hospital to do some regular check up for my confirmation position. Im all alone and been there for almost 2 hour was suck! they did urine test, x-ray dan some regular check up like counting my blood pressure, testing my eye sight and weighing my weight, they using this really old 'penimbang' and i was like "err, are u sure this thing works properly cause it shows that my weight is 58kg!! what!! serious la tak caya..

i feel fat but not that fatla kan..

need to figure it out, or i will end up looking like tong drum huhuu

Tuesday, July 7

God, i missed blogging. Today is already 7th of July and work is getting crazierrr.. all these kejohanan olahraga thingy already gave me headaches for almost a month! and it wont start until next week and i know so many thing can/will happen in between the period; i just can see it coming. hate.

yesterday i woke up with my migrain on the head and felt dizzy, went to school feeling annoying to the fact that i hv to wake up early for almost 3o years ahead. damn! i cant do any single thing properly and went home as soon schooling ended.

luckily today i feel much better even im not really in a good mood. got 2 more classes to go before i can rest my head.

so guys, later yeh. no mood to write anymore :(

Friday, July 3


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