MR & MRs LENG ;)

MR & MRs LENG ;)

Sunday, September 28

pissed off!

I really didn't believed it! after 1 year & half that bitch still going after Dyy!! OMG today I read her msg to Dy (28/10/2006 of msg-sori sayang) n i found out this stupid thing..she's still not over it!! yeh yeh i know now she's married but still it really pissed me off! f---in wonder i keep hating her (once, Dy asked "cant u b friend with her") n now thank god i didn't do that! huh.


Mafis in pissed!

Friday, September 26

Hari Raya Wishes

Have a wonderful Day everyone!!

Hug & Kisses,

Friday, September 19

F .r. i. e. n. d. s. h. i. p.

Talking about friendship, before came back here, me & Dy goes 4 movie & we decided to watch Kami & Eagle Eyes. I insisted to watch Kami since Dy not really interested in Malay movie (apala u kata buat teaser utk film Afdlin, melayu gak hehe) and he get to choose d other one. Both shows are good, its about real life relationship & guys why not spend ur weekend with beloved friends, go watch da movie cause those films r worth to watch. Hv fun ya!

They said in people life, friendship is one of da most important thing..for me whats really count is da relationship..though u hv so many friends but without relation, its mean nothing..i, me consider myself a person with no friends..i do hv a friend but not a close ones. No BFF for me. Enough if i had Dy in my life..he's a friend, a soul..n i just loved being with him every second in my life..

For those who have friends, nothing is wrong. just appreciate ur friend then the relationship will always glow..
Love ur friends. Live ur Life.

err wanna b friend with m a f i s??

Saturday, September 6

im gaining weight (i guess)

im cool now..dont want to sumpah seranah people anymore & its a perfect time to talk about :
Fasting..extra tired (plus extra work erghh) but its fine with me. That means i can control my eating habit.before this i ate rice twice everyday but this few days i manage to eat rice only once in a day & if i get hungry in the middle of the nite, i eat fruits..yey healthy..act im not really preoccupied with my weight but since lately i realize that im gaining some weight (pheww hated that) so fasting is the best solution.Hope this gonna work.

(chubby face?)

Hepi Fasting people! :)

need some refreshment

my head full with something..but i dont know what..need some refreshment to clear my head..i really wanna scream (or yell) to somebody this morning but i know i cant do that..its will make me a bad person at other people's eyes don't i??
erghh hate hate!!


the result : a week of hard work..sighh


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