MR & MRs LENG ;)

MR & MRs LENG ;)

Wednesday, July 23

A Good Teacher is Not Afraid to..

"A good teacher is not afraid to try new things, to look a little silly, to show a little sadness, to be a little angry, to get mighty excited or to act really happy.."

By Catherine Taylor, Lagos

Yes, sometimes I have to act a little silly to attract my students in learning process, to make learning more exciting..knowing that they may have potential to explore & master, I decided to give my best so that they can see that goals which are at first difficult may eventually become easy..

cikgu is with faridah

Its hard for me sometimes but each day I tried and tried..knowing it will be hard to say good bye at the end of the school year, and hoping those students will come back to visit, realizing that even if I never see them again, they will carry me in their futures and remember me with their successes..

XOXO, Cikgu Mafis aka Cikgu cantik :)

Some pictures of sayang visiting me in miri.. thanks dear :)

Rock'in Dy ~ Esplanade Beach/17.15pm

He's traying to be nice to poor lil bear"

Tuesday, July 22

b a d - d a y

By & lil'car before d crashed starts with my car get crashed with "tempat sidai kain" as we called it..result : front skirt of my car broken apart like my heart became pieces erghhh..emm dunno why people so stupid enough to not let da car's gear in free mode..erghhhh poor my scweet little car..sumtimes being nice to people r not worthy at all..they just dont know n dont care to appreciate other people's thing n take it for granted demm!!bdw..she promise that she's going to pay for it n dat words gave me a thousand relief..yihhaaa!! thanks idiot!! opsss.. hehehe


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