MR & MRs LENG ;)

MR & MRs LENG ;)

Thursday, July 29

saya tidak sabar menunggu hari esok.

HIATUS mode is on.
Tomorrow evening, will be leaving on a jet plane (or MAS, whatever) to meet the hubser, then we'll be leaving for Cameron Highlands, my most fav place ever for a short get away, at the same time to celebrate hubster's belated birthday and also can consider it as a 2nd month honeymoon for us kan? Masih lagi dlm mood honeymoon ni selagi inai dijari belum habis hihi

My mission is to eat everything that I've been craving for (no, no bun in the oven yet :p) just an ordinary crave like Uncle Raju's scone, waffle, tea, strawberry (fresh & dried), sweet corn, and bla bla blaa mostly anything la that I can find in Cameron to load my big fat stomach ni. harhar

So hubster darling, can’t wait to see u again. Harap2 org tu gaining some weight!

p/s : dont worry, will not forget to bring along your belated birthday prezies ;) tadaa!

no surprise as he's already knew what i got for him :)

Friday, July 23


Form 5 & F6 students are in the middle of their 1st trial exam so I feel relax a bit nowadays even though workload is piling up tp tadela penat sgt or stress out like always, if not masuk kelas jeh non-stop talking + membebel sakit tekak woo.. but baru jeh 2, 3 hari lepas I was so mad kat sorang bdk pompuan lower6 nih bcoz she didn’t do the exercise that I asked her to do. A few times gak aku duk suruh dia buat tapi boleh dia main2, talked back so aku ambik kertas dia, gumpal & threw it to her simultaneously with some yelling. Iyer cikgu dah marah tambah2 tgh PMS, silap banyakla ko.

Anyway, I'm not going to talk about that anymore. Buang masa jeh. After this am just going to ignore her, nasib la klu ko dah malas sgt, aku pun malas nak layan.

Actually today, I realize one thing.
Every time I had a conversation with hubster, I always say something like “alaa..bencila..” OR “tak suka la camni” OR "tipu tipu.." usually regarding to his work lah.
Contohnya bila dia bgtahu that he was needed to stay back at the office sbb tiba2 ada keja last minute yg nak kena settle,
I was saying “alaa tak sukala camni” or “benci benci” something like thatlah..
or every time he promised to sleep early,
I was saying “tipuuuu..” bcoz I knew he was just saying that to make me go to bed first padahal he’s going to do his work until late hour. (ini kira tipu sunat ke apa sayang? hehe)

Bila fikir2 balik mcm tak elok kan cakap2 mcm tu ( even though I'm not really meant it in a bad way) bcoz I pernah baca from somewhere that every word that we’ve said was like a prayer.
So tamau la klu selalu ckp camtu nnt lama-lama jadi benci betul atau tipu betul. erkkk! Not that I ever wish for that to happen!

So lepas ni kena ingat2 bila bercakap. kan sayang? :))

teaser of us during majlis bertandang on June, 12
location : gong badak, KT

P/S : sangat rindu senyuman hubster sbb itu upload gamba ini.

Tuesday, July 20


Thinking to continue with my bulanmadu story tp rasa sangat tidak sihat arini. Feeling feverish, headache since afternoon, heartburn dan lain-lain. owh PMS.

Hubster plak works around the clock these days, day to nite.. errmm passed midnite actually. I wish am there everytime he got home to ease his exhaustion and sickly worried he might falling sick if this circumstance continues.

Sayang, pls take care of yourself okay..? Knowing that I couldn’t.
I miss u. like a lot!

Sunday, July 18

horneyhmoon. opsss! bulanmadu day 1.

Just woke up from my afternoon nap and feel like blogging and its going to be about our honeymoon trip :)

p/s : Hopefully my OPs managed to send our wed photos by end of this month so that I can start with the wed story plak. Klu lambat sgt takut plak dah basi malas la pulak nnt nak bercerita kat sini huhu

Okay, movin on to the point.

We left kl by air accordingly to our plan sbb hubster mmg tanak drive and I agreed, sian kat dia klu drive jauh2 because the night before we’re just arrived from our hometown so it must be really tired for him. The next morning around 10.30am we left subang by cab headed up to subang commuter; from there we took a train to kl sentral and finally took a bus to the airport. Such a long journey with different transportations but no photos were taken :)

Our flight was scheduled at 2.05pm but delayed about an hour. Masa waiting for the plane tu nampakla Nina Juren with her family pun ada menunggu sama. Her husband datuk kan? tp during that time datuk tu mmg selekeh habis and tak sangka datuk pun naik AirAsia haha enough with that sedap jeh aku mengata laki org selekeh hihii

So we’ve arrived langkawi around 4.00pm and was greeted with a fresh gloomy skies. First thing that we did is rental a car. Luckily kat tempat nk collect luggage tu dah ada counters for rental car so it’s easier for us and since I dah booking by phone, the rate is cheaper rather than we walk in kan dah save kat situ. Ingat nak ambik kelisa mcm chomey sikit tp company tu tade kelisa plak, diaorg just ada kancil, myv, wira, yaris, apatah lg and since we dah booked ngan diaorg so we optioned for kancil jerlah sbb its only two of us and we can save the fuel money some more. Isi minyak RM20 tp last day there pun minyak masih banyak :) and it takes about 20mins of driving from the airport to our resort which located at Burau Bay to the south of island, quite far from Kuah Town but nearer to Langkawi Cable Car.

Upon arrival, we’re served with welcoming drinks and our host is called Umar and he’s from Sudan. Oh my, his English was difficult to catch up and he talks sgt laju and I was like, come again?? (for a few times hehe)
From our casual chats with him, we acknowledged that he’s a student from UiTM ke UTM (tak ingat) and only doing a part time there but he’s such a nice friendly guy. After dah settles with check in, Umar brought us to our room and we’re surprised to know that we needs to ride a shuttle service to get to our room. True enough bcoz that place is so awesomely hugeee!! It has 409 chalets and suites altogether which is 47 is individual chalets and suites that built over the sea with a private balcony. Ours is called Junior Chalet On Water, room no 1118 (I like it a lot sbb 18 is my fav lucky no!)

For more info about the chalets and suites, click BerjayaLangkawiResort&Spa pls.

on the plane, arriving, refreshments.

room, welcoming note, balcony 

Duhh mcm dah panjang giler I tulis ni..nnt sambung lg tulis skrg nak mkn sbb dah lapa giler. tata

Wednesday, July 14

update yang malas

Gosh am being lazy to blog from day to day, not that I’ve been busy just tak tahu what should I write down here as life still the same, plain boring everyday. Still waiting photos from both of my OPs, then baru cam excited nak cerita psl hal kawin aduhh cepatla plsss..
Myb I should start with our honeymoon story instead :) but I won’t do it now cause need to choose photos, resize and everything before I can start to upload it here. Its more fun klu bercerita together with the photo, kan?
But I got one that I’m already done editing using a PhotoScape and that was my first time actually hehe punyala dah lama install benda alah nie tp tak penah la nak guna.
So sayang, what do u thinks? Not bad la kan for the first timer hehe

p/s : I’ve submitted photo of us (below) for a contest  HERE and hope I can win something as this is also my first time joining an online contest. and sayang I hope u tak kisah? winkkss

after had our breakfast @ beach cafe. p/s : dua2 tak mandi lg hehe

Tuesday, July 6

the cousins that i deeply miss.

They are cousins and both are my lovelies niece & nephew and I miss them so much every time I look at this photo.
They are adorable in their own ways. The girl, Ayus is so bright and always acts like an adult yet so reserved every time. The boy, Aqim capable of melting heart with his sweet poisonous smile and every time I asked him to kiss me, it always comes with muahh sound, how cute is that?
I rarely met Ayus because she’s staying in Melaka and only went back to Kelantan once or twice a year. As for Aqim plak he’s only staying in Terengganu so I can meet him every time I go back :)

Next time I’ll see them again is during soon-to-come Hari Raya. Really can’t wait for that.

They are di hatiku :)

Monday, July 5

Another year older for him..

I'd have written this entry a week ago, on Jun 23rd to be exact. It was the day that remarks my man that now I’m calling hubster was born 28years ago. It really saddens me for not being there to lighten up his day (he had a photo shoot and needed to work until late hours on his birthday huhu) and on top of that, I wasn’t doing anything. No surprise cake, no present even a card. hukhuk I’m such a bad wife kan. Actually I did try to do something but in a short notice time, it didn’t turn out well..erghh I’m beyond regretted for not planning it earlier.

I am so sorry sayang for not trying harder but I promise that I’ll make it up to u. I already got u a gift that I picked with much love and hopefully u already made up ur mind what to get for yourself; on me of course :) Can’t wait to be with u again and do something FUN together haha like u said "we’ve all the time in the world, and we already expecting this kind of relationship until u will be here..Don’t worry, we’d take it step by step” ;)

Anyway, what a birthday without a wishes kan? Even a belated ones hehe
And here it goes to u sayang :

Happy birthday to the man that makes my world go around,
That makes every day worth living,
There was never a day passed by that I did not love u,
Wishing u many more years of health, happiness & gratification to come.

♥ my lovely hubster on our wed day ;)

And today also remarks 1 month of us being a newlywed and despite being apart from each other, I can’t be happier for the title and thank God for all the blessings to make me as a Fadzlin's wife. I’m sure one the luckiest person on earth to have person that I most adores as a husband and for him to love me unconditionally.

Much love & kisses to u hubster ;)

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