MR & MRs LENG ;)

MR & MRs LENG ;)

Wednesday, March 31

Its 28th babey!

So today, another year older for me haa..but doesn’t feel that way tho haha so tak sedar diri lah dah tua kan. so far nothing I’d achieved that can be proud of but I do grateful for a lot of things in my life.

Im grateful for having my family that I can turn to every time I need comfort & support.
Im grateful for having dy that accept me for I am and keeps showering me with his endless love.
Im grateful for the job I got that pays for my bills (even I complained a lot hehe)
Im grateful to god for willingly me to keep breathing in this world.

So this year wishes are I’m praying for a good health always and happier life ahead with dy around, insyaAllah as we getting married soonnn. yuhuooo!!

As for present plak, I haven’t yet received a parcel from dy hahaa. act at this point of age, a present really doesn’t matter as long I can be with him but distance are really kept us apart. It’s been 3rd year in row already that am celebrating my birthday here and is hoping next year it would be different as dy keeps saying “next year kita celebrate sama2 yeh sayang” hehe so sweet but I did receive a gift from one of my dear friend lina tho. She gave this ankle bracelet that I love so much. Thanks na for the thought :)

And many thanks go to u guys for all those warm wishes that I keep receiving from fb, fs, was overwhelming given so many birthday I’d missed all these past years. yea apparently im not a good friend when comes to this kind of thing. too occupied with my life I guess. So sorry ya guys and I’ll try to make it up to u all.

I also got a surprise from my 4S5 students this afternoon during my period. It’s a simple birthday party but it was unexpected really. They have all the doors, windows closed and the curtains are down and wait for me to come in and blew the party stuffs and singing me a happy birthday song. I was at first like “ehh nape tutup semua pintu tingkap nih!!" (nak marah dah hehe) but I was so shocked to see the cake and everything. Thanks guys for all the troubles despite I selalu marah2 bebel kat u all. hehe memang touched sangat dengan perangai bdk2 ni. They never hold a grudge I guess just a happy faces everyday, every time I walk into the class.

So that is it for my birthday this year, and tomorrow nite will be outing with the girls (my housemates) for dinner to celebrate it.
Here some pictures taken at the class. That’s the face of 28th years old woman ya. yeshh im considering myself a woman at this stage of age :)

i was so shocked smpai ternganga2 haha

with some of them; 4S5 bdks yg always happy & sporting


Tuesday, March 30

sickness & down.

I‘ve to get a grip of myself.
My body still weak from the dreadful fever I ever had during the holiday. Memang rasa sangat tak best bila jatuh sakit in the middle of the holiday when what am supposed to do are finalize everything about the wed prep. huhu.. yesterday plak I went to see doc again because of my right ear caused so much pains. For the first time in my life I’m so eager to meet the doc sebab dah tahan sangat hehe.. Doc said I got an infection in my ear and it got swollen that explained the terrible headache I’ve had been facing. Rupanya bila telinga bengkak semua benda akan turut sakit. kepala sakit, tekak sakit, mata sakit but alhamdullillah..after a few doses of antibiotic and pain killer, I feel much better today. Rugi tak dapat mc :)

So it’s been a while since my last post about the wedding and from the ticker above it shows 67 days left before the big day. For now to tell the truth I do not feel anything (isit normal?) or should I freak out already? Ermm don’t know how to start back even though I do have so many things in my checklist that need to be done but my body just refuses to go along with me. Nowadays memang rasa sangat malassss nak buat apa2. Every day to work pun mcm satu paksaan. I don’t feel anything to be excited about. Hope to get my mojoo back soon. duh like seriously I do want to feel excited about my own wedding.


Tuesday, March 16

about get together

On saturday after the 'class’ finished, dy and I at first planned to head up to Pavilion nak hunting dy’s shoe for hantaran tapi on the way tiba2 terfikir untuk call my senior, kak miras yang lama gilerr dah tak jumpa sbb mmg dah janji if im in kl, will give her a call to meet up. So I called and rupa2nye dia pun dah ada plan for that nite to celebrate birthday kak jud, my other senior/x she invited us to join them. Since dah tak jadi g pavilion we headed up to pwtc sebab ingat nak singgah kat marvelbakery yg buka booth kat pameran pengantin kat sana to buy cup cakes to bring along but masyaAllah ramai giler orang, jalan jam giler sbb dkt pwtc time tu sibuk ngan matta fair, digital fair and pameran pengantin so mana tak crowded tempat tu.

Lucky for us dapat gak parking kat putra terminal sebelah pwtc tu tapi sayangnya cup cakes dekat marvel dah tinggal 4pcs jeh itupun deconya ada tulisan selamat pengantin baru, dah kata dekat pameran pengantin kan so we tried survey kat booth lain nasib baikla ada itu pun diaorg hanya ada dalam 7pcs jeh and deconya pun biasa jeh but nak buat camne beli jelah memandangkan dh tade masa nak g tempat lain. After that we're rushed up to The Mall to buy a present for baby k jud, Ayra. Sangat pening kepala every time nak beli present untuk baby sbb banyak sangat brg/clothes yang superr cute to be chosen. Last2 sebab dah lambat just grabbed mana yang sempat hehe. So memang kitaorg tak sempat nak survey2 booth2 kat matta fair tu tapi actually takla rasa rugi sangat sbb package for honeymoon pun dah purchased right before I went back to kl just tak sempat lagi nak story kat sini :)

So overall the meeting up went quite well. Risau gak at first yerlah dah lama giler tak jumpa diaorg ni (all my seniors) and we did have fun catching up sampai tak sedar dah midnite tambah seronok bila ada bdk2 chomel Ariff, Wafi & Ayra and tak sangka after a few years we can really get together like nothing ever happen. There are so many stories actually that linked us to our past but thank god we managed to forget, forgive and move on with our life.

the cuppies

Ayra dapat blouse & tight, mummy ayra tak dapat apa2 :)

k jud and lil ayra

left to right : honeyh, by, jud, khalid, miras, liana & nuar

XOXO thanks guys for the good times.

Monday, March 15


... p/s entry ni ditulis last monday tp baru arini ada masa utk post..having fever for the whole week.hukhuk

ampunn.. rindu sungguh nak ber-blogging but last week was hectic so tade satu entry pun yang sempat ditulis..rasa nak jeh termuntah kejar masa to finish all the work before going back for holiday and I nearly miss my flight on friday night cause thought flight boarding on 940pm tp rupa2nya it was on 835pm luckily terdetik hati ni nak on laptop to check the time (masa tu dah almost 7pm dgn barang tak siap packing apa semua) luckily jugak kak ja merangkap my driver for the nite dah ready huhu klu tak konpem kamek sik dapat balik mlm tok and duit pun akan melayang lg for another ticket flight. alhamdulillah.. 

Now im in kl and will flying back to hometown tonite (prying hard dy tak busy today so that he can send me to the airport, malas nak naik bus hehe) and last two days i finally succeed to attend a pre wedding course at presint 16, putrajaya organized by shahir management. The course quite okay tadela boring sangat just sebab pergi sorang memangla sangat boring sebab tade teman esp. during tea breaks and lunch hour (i was regretted sebab suruh dy g awal2 sebab lg seronok klu g ngan partner, jeles tau tgk org lain semua masuk dewan jln sesama partner diaorg auw sweet gak hehe) but during the course i met this girl named diyana yang sangat sweet and ramah yang sat right beside me. First day i memang rasa sangat sejuk because of the air cond and pakai kurung yang kainnya memang sejuk smpai tak boleh duduk diam then suddenly diyana passed a shawl to me. huhu thanks sangat to her  klu tak mau patah my gigi menahan sejuk and she and her fiance la yg jadi peneman i (rasa mcm mengacau diaorg plak hehe) On second day plak i dah ready ngan sweater itu pun masih rasa sejuk and i asked dy to buy big apple donuts as a thank u gift for her and fiance, Hezry. sweet tak i? ;)

So skrg i dah graduated and officiallynya dah boley kawin la kan..hehe

me & diyana after the course


Saturday, March 6

to watch.

I wanted to watch this movie hopefully wont miss it.

And cannot wait for this movie to be on screen. Release in July, 8 (Malaysia)

The only movie that we managed to watch during the cny holiday ~ Valentine's Day. Love it, beautiful story indeed.

apa bahasa ntah kat teaser ni hehe. dpt dari

baru perasan dah dua kali pki baju nie bila tgk movie :) i just love it.

my valentine. (what's up with the hat sayang? hehe)


Friday, March 5


When I tried to be a fashion designer :)

p.s : this is my new kurung sketches prepared for Ma' wedding. hopefully kak erpha manage to finish the
        beading before i go back next week.

Thursday, March 4

Love Story :

Yesterday, I was reading satu kisah cinta ni from HERE while blog hopping and tiba2 rasa nak menyibuk untuk share about our love story gak so boleh?? (tak boleh pun lantakla, ini kan blog aku :D) so here it goes..

Part 1 :

I first met Dy during high school more than a decade ago (haha yer memang kami dah tua) Back time we’ve nothing to do with each other. First year in school, I was in 1 Dalton and he was in 1 Al-Ahzan so memang tak kenal pun each other, kelas masing2 pun jauh (lgpun dia memang tak glamer berbanding I nih hahaa) Form2 & Form3 pun sama jerlah I was always in class bdk2 yang tak berapa pandai and dia plak selalu jeh tergolong dlm kelas bdk2 pandai. Nyampah tul and jealous hehe.. And for who doesnt know, our class kept changing every year depends on our final exam result until la naik f4 we’re finally in the same class (4 Al-Ahzan) because of my PMR result yang agak meletop wlupun masih tak dapat masuk dalam senarai top student time tu. huhu

Walaupun sekelas tapi rasanya boleh hitung pakai jari kaki berapa kali we spoke to each other. By that time he was in school’s prefect board and me, being me mestila antara budak yang paling ‘dikehendaki’ kat sekolah harharr so Pengawas VS Pelajar Nakal memang tak sesuai..Lagipun dia memang pendiam tahu sengih jeh kalau orang cakap pepe nasib baik la cute! That time pun I mmg dah ada bf (nama terpaksa dirahsiakan) but I’ve to admit that memang ada minat kat dia time tu sebab tiba2 dia jadi glamer maybe sebab selalu submit drawing dalam school magazine & he also in a school’s cricket team so kira glamer la kan tapi sayangnya dia pun tengah sickly admired sorang budak junior tu (ada ke minat budak? tak mature langsung hahaa & aku tetap jeles) tapi I minat diam2 jelah hanya org2 tertentu jeh yang tahu. Lgpun time tu kan dah ada bf. So apa cerita? hehe

Memandangkan si dia ni sangat suka melukis & memang pandai pun, during our final year in SMSD, I pernahla bagi satu buku scrap untuk dia lukis2 (time ni dah tak sekelas ngan dia) untuk memory la konon dah kata peminatkan tapi malangnya dia hanya lukis ckit jeh (rugi jeh aku beli buku tebal cute miut dia boleh lukis dua pages jeh? kejam kejam hehe tak sempat nak lukis katanya)

Then just like that, we finished high school without any sweet memory that now we can cherish together because there’s nothing that we’d really share during 5 years of schooling together sebab kami memang tak bercinta time tu tapi kalau dah jodoh tak ke mana kan? Some people say, sweet memory can be creates anytime but the very first met memory is the most count kan? Imagine la kalau I tak pernah belajar kat SMSD tu mesti sekarang cite nyer dah lain. Dah memang kuasa Allah kan nak bagi kitaorg kenal. So Alhamdullilah.

Jadi nak stop sini dulu sebab rasa entry ni dah agak panjang. Will update more about kisah cinta ni. Don’t go puke first cause more is about to come. hehe

**sayang tido awal mlm ni sbb esok kena bangun awal utk shooting ngan team AF8 so saya pun nak tido awal gak la :) nite guys! off to bed.


song of my day

Sangat suka lagu ni from Anuar Zain ~ Kau Bunga Cinta Ku

Beku ku di sini,
Menantimu lelah sudah perjalanan ku ini,
Takkan mampu ku berdiri lagi,
Hampa semua tak terasa lagi.(tanpa mu)
jatuh ku ke jurang gelap tak berjiwa lagi,(hadir mu)
kehidupanku kusandarkan cintaku

Layu ku di sini,
Menunggu mu mekarkan semua bunga cintaku,
Takkan mampu ku berkembang lagi,
Musim ini tak mampu menghadirkan mentari.
Kau di mana,
Kan ku cari,
Kan ku dapat hangatmu,
Lekaslah cairkanlah dingin ku.

Di dalam diriku, hanya ada satu cinta,
Yang membuat ku bahagia,
Bersama mu.
Layu ku di sini,
Menunggu mu mekarkan semua bunga cintaku,
Takkan mampu ku berkembang lagi,

Musim ini tak mampu menghadirkan mentari.
Kau di mana,
Kan ku cari,
Kan ku dapat hangatmu,
Lekaslah cairkan dingin ku.

Wednesday, March 3


This headache has been bugging me all day and don’t think I can write anything for now despite of have so many things in mind to share. Erghh tak suka.
But I feel super excited because bdkli, our photographer for pre wedding shoot texts me just now to let me know that he’s going to post out the dvd soon. Cannot wait sebab dia bgtahu banyak sangat gamba yg cantik maklumla dia kata models pun handsome ngan cun hahaa aku mula la nak perasan ni.

So kalau nak tengok a few photos dulu bolehla click SINI atau SINI ;)

Nite peeps.

Tuesday, March 2

Haze Attack!

Gosh, I was astonished this morning when stepped outside the house. It’s a HAZE attack! So awful I barely saw the car in front me while driving to work. Kalau tak on lampu kereta memang saja cari nahasla even nak breathe pun rasa sangat tak selesa sampai terbatuk2. Nape la ada org kat dunia ni bangang + bengap sangat suka bakar sana sini. eh eh tak tahu ke pasal global warming semua. Memang tak sekolah betoi!

kalau tgk dlm gambar2 ni mcm tak teruk sangat, tapi sumpah memang sangat teruk. hehe

But alhamdulillah by the noon, the haze is getting better and the sky is brighter again. Tak kisahla panas giler sekali pun janji tak jerebu sebab memang tak best giler and surrounding pun macam ada bau yang pelik like a smell of burning wood. Logik la kan kalau diaorang sibuk duk bakar hutan tu. Headache aku bila bau tu.

So manusia semua, tolongla prihatin sikit. That’s the least u can do to save our earth. P.R.I.H.A.T.I.N. Kalau tak tahu meh sini aku nak ajar. Janganla suka-suka nak bakar sana sini. Tolongla fikir pasal orang2 yang kena kerja outdoor, anak-anak kecil yang nak g sekolah, seksa siot nak bernafas pun susah. Jangan jadi bodo dgn buat kerja bodoh! Itula dulu time sekolah tak nak belajar subjek Pendidikan Sivik tu betul2 pastu mula la takde kesedaran sivik. huh.

Aku mula la nak jadi sinis ni hehe.

Monday, March 1

birthday adik

Janji nak update about my outing with the girls during the weekend tapi not nowlah. Nantila later.

And today is my sister, Ining punya birthday. Lupa nak wish malam tadi sampai merajuk budak tu hehe.. maklumla kakak dia ni banyak sangat benda dalam kepala nak kena fikir tambah lagi ngan workload yang makin bertambah kepala jadi pusing.

Anyway, H.A.P.P.Y 26th B.I.R.T.H.D.A.Y my dear..

Hope days to come will bring u more happiness. Pls don’t give up & let’s hope for the best okay. Nak present kena tunggu I balik.. tapi last year janji tamau dah hadiah kan? hehe

Actually she's still hunting for the right job. Hopefully her destiny will turn around, am prying for the best.


Me.. of being melancholic a few weeks ago.

All I want is one simple sweet wedding but..

On the beginning day after we’ve decided to get married, Dy and I agreed to one thing; less is more so we’re going to tone down everything.. nk buat simple2 jeh as long as we can get hitch and the ceremony went well. No need an extravaganza wedding wlupun ramai org ckp “kawin kan sekali jeh” but I don’t really care what people might say. I just want it to be perfect the way I wanted it to be. Normally kalau buat majlis besar maka besarlah cacat celanya so tamau camtu. I just want one nice simple ceremony that can satisfied me and him the most.

We also had some consideration in order to cut the cost; what if we just do a solemnization ceremony that will take place at my parents’ house and one reception for both sides somewhere else. That’s going to save a lot of money la kan. If can tamaula membazir sgt doing the same thing or spending for same thing eg: bersanding, dress, make up, dais, photographer and so on.

As known the solemnization will take place at kelantan and Dy is from terengganu so its kind hard to find a perfect place for the reception that won’t be difficult for our quest to attend it. We’re discussing to held it at Penarik (this place mcm tengah2 la antara kelantan dan terengganu) cause Dy’s friend got a beautiful guest house there alongside the sea (we’d been there once in 2006 kot.

So we were thinking to rent it for the ceremony mesti sgt romantic kan kalau buat majlis tepi pantai lgpun Dy mmg sgt suka beach tp mcm susah plak sbb nanti sapa yang nak handle all the preparations there since am stuck in here and dy plak kat kl. Yea am planning my own wedding tak mampu nak hire wedding planner so the plan wasn’t finalized and hanging over just like that.

My fMIL plak think it’s better to do double receptions since Dy is the first child in his family that getting married and I was like.. huhu (not agree) but fine. And my family pun mcm tak setuju gak sebab they all are so excited since my house dah lama sangat tak buat kenduri kawin besar-besaran. Before this for my brother yg kawin kami hanya buat simple kenduri doa selamat jeh. Last sekali buat majlis kahwin ialah when my big sis Mira was getting married a few years back (1999). Kan dah lebih 10years tu.

A few weeks ago when am updating the wedding check list, I kept thinking about it again and I sms’ed dy :

by : sayang, why cant I have my own wedding the way I like it?
dy:  because it isn’t really about us, it’s about people around us
by : of course it’s about us, it’s our wedding not theirs

dy : they’ve been waiting those day since we’re born.. and that is the last day of u officially be apart from
       them to a stranger (me)

So what can I say more??

indahnya klu dapat buat wedding simple mcm ni jeh

bestnya klu dapat buat wed theme mcm nie..

huhu day-dreaming..

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