MR & MRs LENG ;)

MR & MRs LENG ;)

Friday, October 30

Next please.

I managed to finish reading New Moon in one day and half of 563 pages and yesss.. I was contented & satisfied! Next is Eclipse and im going to get it tomorrow soon I hope. Wasnt thought that I’d feel so attached with Bella & Edward plus Jake characters.
Ermm sounds silly but yes I have to admit, I wish I can have same adventure like Bella did in her life and yes, dating vampire & befriend with werewolf sounds fun enough but only if they are as sweet as Edward & Jake did. hahaa
Really, Bella willing to do anything that put her in danger just to hear Edward's voice whispering to her, if that wasn’t sweet enough, I think im going to die.. That’s eternal love baby!

21 days to new moon the movie. yes ♥♥

Monday, October 26


Dont know exactly what to write today, its typical monday & dreary as usual; I feel sleepy cause stuffed with lots of food. There’s colleagues kind enough brought a delicious macaroni cheese (thanks kak bibi sgt yummy I like) & laksa penang (thanks kak siti hot) it is very hot & scrumptious! am full.

Students were hysterical as always dunno what’s got into them made my heart & head aching but weekend kinda fun.

I spent times doing gossip girls marathon & sorting stuff and so on then on Sunday, having girls-day-out with housemates and we’re having lunch at Singapore Chicken Rice at Mega Hotel. After that we headed up to Parkson for only window shopping but I ended up buying a ring and bohemian style necklace (picture below) New found love :)

We also did some make up test at Stila booth. It was fun and so sorry Lyn I messed up ur face hihi..

That’s it for today. Wanna go home now. yawn!!

Friday, October 23


Beautiful day it is and I cant wait for school to end.

Nak balik rest & enjoy the weekend.

So guys, have a wonderful weekend yeh.



Thursday, October 22


Wednesday, October 21


I had received a phone call the other day from my high school classmate while am doing my f6 back then but I didnt favor the conversation though..
It is because he said something that quite offended me. Wish I didnt pick up at the first place only because his number is anonymous.
I just dislike people who judging me on how am living my life.
I never got it. Did I bother his life or what? Just live yourself la & pls dont criticize people life easily when u doesnt know anything about it. And we not even a friend for almost 8, 9 years la and frankly I am not even recall how ur face looks like.
So next time I wont take ur call anymore since I already knew the number and u in the other hand dont bother to call yeh. Thank u very much.

p/s : one of the reasons I rarely pick up a call from some of my old friends.
Bad ahh??

Tuesday, October 20

when i got addicted to book

Okay.. So I have decided to own all these 4 books very very soon, I dont care even am so broke, I am still going to get it! It’s the series of The Twilight Saga by Stephenie Meyer. I actually just had finished reading the first book (that borrowed from Cassandra, thank u so much dear) and truly addicted to it and I incredibly finished it within a day. Despite I watched the movie for so many times still I cant get enough of it! Its really glued me to the end, made me went to sleep at 2.00am last night :)

The book & the movie weren’t different much but I it both and not to forget Bella & Edward! I fell in love with both sweethearts and seriously cannot wait for the new moon!!

** yea, i just cant wait! and no sayang, no pic of u in this entry, im sorry.. next time k :) muaacchss

Sunday, October 18

happier despite..

UP! UP! & shine guys :)
So once again i made myself woke up early on sunday morning bezz!! This time i need to b at school to fulfill my duty as a facilitator for school annual camp..yea crazy i know, we almost reach the end of school year & this school never stop but what to do. This job actually demands more than i could offer. I hate it.

Despite all these hatred, i feel myself healthier, happier and missing Dy so very much when I woke up this morning! Maybe because of the weather la kot. Its wet & refreshing. I should do this often, err i mean wake up early during weekend heee..

Honey, missing ya! Do u feel the same..?

Friday, October 16

Cerita weekend aritu

Weekend was tiring and short. I was like "what's up with the clock?"
On Friday I has had slept almost 14hours straight from 2pm and woke up around 4am the next morning. haha then quickly took a shower and started marking exam paper.. duhh stress stress.
Around 1.30pm we went to E-mart and bought some groceries to cook nasi kerabu. I incredibly agreed to cook even am super busy with tons of pending exam paper need to be mark. aiyaa wrong time LOL. Its actually for our joining open house with Lina & the gang on Sunday afternoon. After got everything we need except for bunga kantan (one of the main ingredients for kuah laksa & ulam/kerabu) we went to Kak Rita open house in Pujut.

Pic : cam-session while waiting for Lynn & Ma because we didn’t know the road of Kak Rita’s house :)

After mkn mkn, we headed up to Piasau night market looking for bunga kantan and Yatt & I were like “YAHOO” when we finally found it..smpai pakcik yg jual tu pun cam sengih semacam jer tgk kami excited after memborong hampir 40 batang of bunga kantan which is really cheap RM6 jeh, we went to Kak Luv & the gang open house plak.

Makan pun tak banyak dah sebab dh tak larat and after that, we went home straight away to make an early preparation for cooking session the next day.
Seriously it’s included a lot of chopping (for ulam) & thumping (onions, braise fish, red sugar, serai) until my right arm was frozen. We started around 8pm and stopped around midnite because I am so dying to have a good sleep so that I can wake up early the next morning.

Pics : Ulam & Sambal for nasi kerabu

So on Sunday morning, I woke up around 5am, giler mcm tak pecaya and continued with marking exam paper until 9am. After that started to cook like crazy with helps from Yatt (ikan celup tepung specialist) ma & lynn (rice & salted eggs) and lina (chopping specialist too) and we managed to finish the chores around 12.30pm then Lina brought everything to her house where the open house was held.

Our last guests left around 8.00pm and after some cleaned up I reached home feeling flat and super tired but satisfied. After a good bath, went to bed straight away and yes, no pictures was snapped.
So, thats the ends of 2 days of very tiring weekend and..
I NEVER finished marking paper huhu..

Wednesday, October 14

Today :

Feeling sick.

Having flu.

Slight fever.

Flaming face.

Lost appetite.

should I take a leave tomorrow? ermm.. hate clinic & medicine. sighh

Monday, October 12



Friday, October 9

Cerita di pagi hari

Picture above :
Typical day to work except it was on Saturday morning (6.45am and its already bright & sunny) which I really hate. yawnn!

And watched the latest Twilight Saga: New Moon gazette on E! last night and just cannot wait for it to make to the screen this coming November, err from what I heard. So addicted with Twilight I watched it a few times already. I think the story is beautifully sweet and hoping that New Moon is much better so it is worth of this waiting.
Yea I love Nov, its time for get away, shopping spree & lotsssa of movies session. hurayyyy (dancing my ass)

and currently listening to Butterfly by Jason Mraz.

Happiness!! ♥♥

Picture bottom :
and love this kid so so much wish I can have her (in my dreams :p) but what is with the heels?? parents gone mad i guess! even its 1/2" but still, she's only 3-year-old fergodsake!

she's adorable ngee

**tq ruran 4 helps me out. see see i use the heart shape already. LOL.

Thursday, October 8

Cerita Hari Raya

As I mention before me & family celebrate raya this year ala kadar jeh cause our house is still under renovation and despite not all of my siblings gathered on 1st day raya but still, our house packed with relatives, friends & neighbours. Sampai tak terlayan orang datang beraya.
Unfortunately not so many pictures were taken by my Sony cybershot included pic of me. duhh too bad.

On 5th day raya, Dy came for beraya and I (or more to my mum) prepared laksa with kuah lemak (my favorite :p) and ketupat sotong which is his favorite for lunch and then he cilok me to his open house and again, no picture from us during the day too :( so once again no raya picture of us this year.

Antara juadah yg dihidangkan kepada tetamu di hari raya:

satay yg hanya ditempah

home cooked nasi himpit & kuah kacang

variety of kek lapis originally from sarawak

home cooked spaghetti specially prepared by me :)

** yum yum skrg dh menyesal tak mkn banyak2 time raya aritu huhu

and I already upload some pictures taken at our high school (Science Dungun Secondary School aka SMSD) on our way back to KL after sent in Yaya to the school. yea, Dy’s sister went to same school as us :)

Its really got me back to my past where I spent my precious 5years as a teenage girl there. I learned how to b independent and to merge with others, to struggle & survive, to love and in loved, to judge & in judged.. Been there once in a while really brought back all those bitter & sweets memories.

happiness & tears all mixed up together.

Wednesday, October 7

By & Dy back to school

on the road, KL-KT Sept,19

SMSD Sept, 26

me too..stiff posed

Dy & his new baby that burns holes in pocket :)

me plak kat dalam, bergambar tak ingat :)

**aku terkenang..but why ehh semua gamba tu bila upload jadi blurrr, pelik huhu

Saturday, October 3


Im so pissed off!! Its saturday & im in the middle of this stupid ass meeting all morning when what i'd been doing is sleeping & resting! I dont understand why he keeps looking for our mistakes. This torture is endless.
With all the workloads, pms, boringness, i felt sick to stomach. When it is going to b over???

Thursday, October 1

Cerita excited

God, i missed blogging so much.. really dont hv a time plus cannot online from the desk, wireless connection sucks! benci betoi. But nvrmind, just purchased online tickets to KK this coming Nov. Owh now super excited so cannot wait for the trip, it makes me realize that this year, Dy and I NEVER spent times for a real trip together. Despite its only a short one 3d2n but I am super excited! Our last trip was Pangkor in Dec last year.
Since Dy cant take a leave in Dec, so to get away in Nov is a perfect timing, I’d just start my year end school break & definitely dying for holiday thus Dec gonna be filled up with shopping spree for hantaran’s stuff.
Another reason to get excited!! :))

Now go figure what to buy isroha. hehe

pangkor, Dec 2008

Pangkor motorbike riders

Penang, May 2008

sleepyhead & cam-whore, Penang-KL

Cameron H. July 2007 : Ehsan & Ida, By & Dy


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