MR & MRs LENG ;)

MR & MRs LENG ;)

Monday, August 31

Bendera Persekutuan Tanah Melayu Semasa Dikibarkan di Bangunan Pertubuhan Bangsa-Bangsa Bersatu

Hepi Independent Day Malaysia!
Its lucky to be Malaysian & im proud of it!!


Monday, August 24

movie of the day

Watch this movie today, there is one tacky character ~ no surprises, women will do anything for love :) yet really is one beautiful love story & Josh Hartnett looks good too! wink wink love it :))

Sunday, August 23

KL again

Safely arrived kl last nite past midnight and luckily no hustle bustle at the airport despite the flight have been delay for 30mins. I thought it going to be hectic with all the H1N1 thingy but everything seems normal. So dy picked me up, went to Station One for sahur, i had Marinara Spaghetti Seafood, been craving for good spaghetti for so long too lazy to home cook & Dy settled with mashed potato only, he said already bought murtabak at pasar ramadhan then went home straight away.

So today is a shopping & movie day. Cannot wait! Content!


Wednesday, August 19

chocolate vs handbag

The other day I was talking to Yatt at E-mart’s choc section during our outing to run some errands.

me : eh yatt, should we buy all this chocolates to bring home next week? very tempting la
**e-mart did a cadbury promotion for the day.
yatt : should we? cam dah banyak dah chocolate kat umah tu tp tapela beli jelah dh murah ni (smiling)
me : why la our bf rarely buy us chocolate, its better than anythingkan? If teleng buy me once in a while, it will sweep me off my feet, sweet owh
yatt : but better than new handbag ke?
me : owh no la (without hesitation) handbag is something else (grinsss)

** silly me but seriously, who wants to trade a brand new handbag with chocolate? Not me definitely :)


Monday, August 17

black & white

By in : navy blue top from nicole with flowery clincher, levi's skinny fit, heels from vincci & Carlo Rino handbag

During weekend im sorting out my stuff in closet and realized that mostly of my clothes either in black or white, got la in blue, green to name a few but mostly what I got is in darker color. I didn’t notice when I started to wear dark color but it really does makes me feel confident with my body. Some of my friends said that my figure is okay enough just I need to flatten my tummy alil more huhu..that’s the most unflattering thing I most concern about my body now, it just that I don’t have enough enthusiasm to do something about it. I used to have a skinny figure with a very flat tummy as Dy always teased me, but what to do years goes by and my body figure really changed. sighh!

I was hoping to do some shopping but didn’t buy anything, tried a couple of dresses but cant really decide which one to get (after almost 45mins in fitting room.LOL) so im gonna save it for shopping spree in kl soon. just got this gorgeous clincher (will upload pic wearing it later)

yea im going back in less than 5 days. so excited!

Friday, August 14

content it is

CONTENT!! thats the right word to describe myself today. Friday always is my favorite day of the week.
because, I can leave school early, schooling end at 12noon.
because of the haze, all the cocurriculum activities have been cancelled this week so I get all afternoon for myself.
because, no more marking paper or analysis/paperwork to prepare during weekend that can bring out headache & vomit.
because, there's no activity in school this weekend, so am free like a bird! yey
because, planning to go movie with Yatt for The Proposal.
because, Dy is getting better with his fever.
because, going to do some shopping. still dunno what to get but will window shop first loh. myb a new dress for me? :)

cant wait!

Thursday, August 13

class photo session

5SC4 Class of 2009
From left :
(above) zulrano, gabriel, tareq, decter, mazlan, jackson, micheal, jasmond
(middle) suzy, ling teck su, wee yien, cassandra, shazalina, voon wan ting, viviana, lucy, babyiana
(below) derry, dayang, jasmin, ling ai fung, miss east, junnie, jessica, anna, nurul
** not in the picture : michelle & asit

Tuesday, August 11

hazy day

I feel so relief! I managed to get things that supposed to be done on time! (not everything la, still got few things to do) but still I feel great! Those 2 weeks of tortures that almost killing me finally ended.

and gosh! weather conditions in miri are getting worst. Skies today were badly hazy! I wonder isit possible to inhale fresh air anymore. My students said there was a big open burning around somewhere in Tudan yesterday. No wonderla today it getting awful!! STUPID actions la people.STOP IT!!

I realise I was too lazy to snap picture lately. No mood loh, i rarely go out these day but will come with more meaningful pictures soon, I promise esp when im going back to kl next week.yey!!


Monday, August 10

fever attack ~ poor honey

Dy sepatutnya off to kota kinabalu on Friday morning for FFM22 together with afdlin shauki’s team, but he cant take a leave so he decided not to go & lucky he didnt cause he’s having fever since saturday. Already went to the doctor but still not getting better. Grateful doc says it wasnt H1N1. I am so sick worried about him because we hardly talk, he’s so weak even to talk i guess, poor him. I really wish I was there :(
Honey, I am so sorry I wasnt there to take care of u. Please get better yeh. I missed u, alot!

Me also no good. Having my period last night, hardly sleep because of the pain and now not feeling really well. Doing nothing on weekend except for marking paper (almost vomit) & watched Keeping up with the Kardashians marathon on E!


Thursday, August 6

lazyness on me

Not a very productive day for me today. I woke up early this morning but feel so disappointed plus a lil anger because of someone ate my fried rice that I already prepared last nite for sahur. Wasn’t entirely her fault though because she thought that was a leftover, but still..if she'd bother to asked first. so I just have a few scoop of corn soup & drinks warm water, then go back to sleep.

During assembly for f5 students this morning, that guy talks a lot of everything.
Boring gilerr despite it was a good speech to motivate students looking at their attitudes & result that getting worst these day. Still not marking anything because of a mood swing & lazyness. Hopefully tonight after I break fast, I am going to gain more strength to finish marking.

Wednesday, August 5

By forgot

This morning, Dy said "its raining day that's why i woke up late"

& I said, "yela tu bkn every day ke late?" hehe

I forgot to wake him up because of busyness; wednesday is the day that my timetable is packed. Weekly assembly only ended at 8.00am & my lesson starts at 8.20am until 1.15pm - I only got 40mins to rest in between.

Skies outside still hazing, cloudy & the weather still hot. Feeling tired already. Luckily I can go home early today, no more stupid and unnecessary meeting this week :)

Tuesday, August 4

H1N1 alert + haze

We got an ambulance in school today because one of students passed out during lesson. I noticed these past few days, student’s health are getting worst. Almost every day there was a student who passed out, having fever & flu and need to be admitted to counseling room.

Not only we’re worried about this ridiculous H1N1 thingy that already reach up Miri, but to make it worst, Miri’s skies nowadays also filled up with haze. dunno how long it going to last. I think it wont, not until they stop open burning that seems happened everywhere. I even can see the smokes flying out from the field nearby school’s block.
Pls la people. Our earth is already in an awful condition. Pls la be more concern!

Monday, August 3

time is precious!

Time is really against me now! Lot of things to get done, yet so lil time.. Im seriously not so good with time management, so every time same thing happened :) now still struggling to finish marking 1st trial exam paper. Marks to be given to form teacher is next Monday so practically, I got 8 days left starting from today! chaiyok is!!

and also, here is what im going try to do starting today :)

- to loose some weight before raya (4kg perhaps)
- to cut afternoon nap, they said it makes me looked rounder, but I still need it though, at very least 1 hour
- to eat more healthy, cut some sugar, drinks lot of water
- to not buy thing that doesn’t necessary
- to not eat nasi lemak kak kasma every day, very tempting owh
- to do some work out, 15 minutes every day, im going to try okayyy
- to finish my work on time, no procrastinating
- to save more $$$ & spend less, always failed to do this :)
- to call home/kg more often

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