MR & MRs LENG ;)

MR & MRs LENG ;)

Sunday, February 28

of hantaran stuff (wedding tales part 5)

I almost complete my hantaran stuff excluded cup cakes and chocolates. Dy’s side suppose nyer la yang prepare these 2 things but I got an odd feeling that am the one who gonna choose the cupcakes (act my friend Shidah from CupcakeDazzle already agree to prepare it both for hantaran & as a wed cake, thank u darlin) & to buy those chocolates at the airport as I constantly travel by plane. We can get a varieties of chocolate at the airport so better buy there la kan so that can pilih2 despite the price is expensive if compare to outside store or supermarket tapi sayangnya tempat diaorg tu tak banyak pilihan.

So after a KT trip, I got a few days left before went back to miri so we spent times hunting for hantaran stuff. That time I wasn’t make any consideration anymore bila jumpa yang berkenan jeh terus beli sama juga ngan barang2 sayang (act I made him to buy) sebab malas dah nak fikir lama2 psl barang2 ni but he as usual still deciding, considering and everything.

At Mid Valley I bought shoes from Vincci+ for sanding (my side) and for hantaran I got booties from Charles & Keith. Really heart it both cause they are utterly gorgeous and cannot wait to put on my lovely feet nih. yeaah bragging :) the price pun affordable. The one from Vincci+ is made from a leather so the price is more costly but when u buy during the sale, u won’t feel anything or should I say guilty? Except for totally happiness. Hey, at least that what I felt. haha

As I managed to buy almost everything of my stuff, dy still struggling hehe budak ni memang fussy when comes to shop. But during our shopping trip at Sunway Pyramid, I excellently made him to buy his wallet from Quiksilver, shirt and belt from Billabong and I got myself a range of make up from MAC and gorgeous earring from Padini Concept Store. So for now brg sayang yang belum beli is perfume, shoe and DSLR that gonna costs me the bomb! hehe

Yea memang barang2 hantaran kami tade la super branded but we love it to bit and its fit our style, knew that we can afford it (within our budget) and can be use after the wed. Contohnya klu I beli kasut from Guess (nak beli LV, Gucci mcm Ekin bini Mawi tu memang la tak mampu hehe) harganya lebih kurang sama ngan the one I got from Vincci+ tp designnyer memang buruk tak lawa, heelsnya giler tinggi sampai I tertonggeng2 confirm I cannot wear it to work. Yerla cikgu jer kan takkan nak pki kasut tinggi giler cam model and mengajar dlm kelas pakai heels tinggi giler akan mengundang sengsara. Lenguh kaki wooo.
So am fully happy with my choices so far rasanya both pairs tu heelsnya tak tinggi sangat kan yayang?hikss

Next entry will be about my hantaran handbag and shopping trip with the girls. Content, need my breakfast now and have to clean up the room. It a mess.

Have a nice day guys.

Saturday, February 27


2009 STPM result was out on thursday morning and I was quite disappointed with the result because there were students that got F for my paper. duh dont get it. It's true that f6 punya syllabus is quite heavy but still its bahasa malaysia and as a malaysian citizen, they shouldn’t failed OR at least got a R (half pass) huhu I was so upset. Never mind, don’t want to think about it anymore. If not am going to believe that I wasn’t teaching them hard enough. I tried my best already and it wasn’t my fault if they didn’t pass, nevertheless I feel sorry for them.

cikgu pulak yg terlebih excited time bdk2 ambil result :)

Angel bdk cute, she got B+ for my paper. congrates dear cause dpt 4 principals
(and pandai aaron berlakon terkejut hehe)

p/s : pictures cilok from Along at muka buku.

And see the ticker above? It shows that less than 100 days left before the big day and my feeling? semua ada, nervous, happy, scare, excited all mixed up together but that’s normal la kan but so far, everything seems fine and the preps went well. Hopefully semua akan okay hinggala 5 Jun 2010.

Till then guys. Later, I will update more about my spending these past few days ;) sangat seronok.

Friday, February 26

last entry for KT trip

Wednesday is the last day of our trip to KT and before left we managed to do a quick trip to the famous Pasar Payang (for women this place is must visit okay esp those yg suka sutera). Plannya nak survey garment for my hantaran accompanied with his mum and sist Dira. Time ni pun masih ramai orang bershopping even though CNY holiday dah berakhir. Parking pun susah nak dapat but lucky for us that day because first round jeh dah boleh dapat parking even quite far from the place. And the weather was still burning hot. sigh satu benda ni jeh tak suka masa trip ni.
At first I wanted to buy silk batik but consider to take care of it can be a bit tricky so I settled with batik crepe. The design I always love is stripy/abstract sebab tak berapa berkenan dengan corak flower yang penuh but despite dah decide nak design camne it still headache to choose cause banyak sgt yang cantik and the price pun affordable. After considering a few times and visits most of the shop there, I chose this particular one.

Mmg saja suruh akak tu pasang kat patung untuk tangkap gamba so that senang nak tunjuk kat tailor how to sew it later. Beli sepasang jeh dulu sebab sepasang lagi ingat nak beli garment yang jenis lain plak.

saya lagi gemuk dr fMIL.. belum kawin dah nampak cam pregnant huhu sedih sedih.
From there we went to KT main bus terminal looking for tailor untuk jahit baju melayu sayang sebab kedai yang sepatutnya pergi tu masih tutup, tailor nyer chinese maklum la diaorg kan raya hehe. Bdway kat situ pun (bahagian atas) ada banyak tailor yang bagus2 untuk jahit baju esp for men and diaorang charge pun tak mahal sangat compare to butik2 yang kat kl tu. Kedai diaorg mmg biasa jeh tp consider diaorg have been doing the same thing for so many years mestila dah sangat mahir kan and ceritanya pulak tailor that we chose is oku. Kan orang selalu cakap untuk orang kurang upaya Allah selalu bagi diaorg kelebihan lain so let’s hoping for the best and sangat lega to settle another thing for the wedding. Finally we left KT around 3.00pm and sempat singgah memborong keropok lekor di Losong. Rugi yer klu tak beli keropok kat sini.

my fiance yg memang sempoi suka pki short + tshirt tgh diukur2. bdk kaki panjang.
So that is all about the trip to KT including those two previous entries. Memang sangat happy every time been to Terengganu as I believed that place always hold a special place in my heart. Yerlah tempat membesar as a teenager kan mesti banyak benda yang boleh diingat dan dikenang. FMIL pun layan dengan baik act dah tade rasa nervous pegi sana sbb dah banyak kali sangat pergi hehe tak malu. Really had great times esp at time when Dy & I looking through and laughing at his childhood photos but still, he’s such an adorable kid. I love him to bit :)
p/s lupa plak nak cilok satu gambar if not boleh upload kat sini. will do next time hehe ♥

Wednesday, February 24

i linked..

So today i rajin2 tambah satu lg blog list for bloggers that I love to read and most of them are b2bs tp ada gak yg dah jadi isteri and bakal jadi mak orang hehe.. tp normally i'd been a silent reader jer yerlah mcm segan nk share, my wed preps pun biasa2 jeh and seronok baca apa yg diaorg tulis psl wed preps, life after marriage, ada juga yg share about being a weekend wife (I'am going to be one of them in 3++ months hukhuk)

So guys, sorry i linked without a permission. Hope u all semua tak kisah cause sharing is good kan? :)

its our pre wed photo shoot day!

As promised we went to Aura Cendana for dress testing morning before left to Dungun for our pre wed photo shoot. But sebelum tu singgah pejabat agama jap sbb sayang nk ambik borang nikah hehe dia quite nervous tp tamau mengaku (tu baru ambik borang) kihkih.

To tell the truth I was not really satisfied with the dress that I chose tue :( Do u guys ever had a feeling that when u try something on u will instantly know that the dress is destined for u? Well at least I feel that way sometimes and when I tried that dress mmg rasa serba tak kena. Kak Mas was trying to comfort me by saying that the dress wasn’t fit to my figure yet. She said it’d be okay after the alteration and I was like.. f.i.n.e.. even deep down mmg rasa tak best besides tak tahu bila lagi akan pegi terengganu for 2nd fitting huhu.. and Dy pun keeps assuring me that semuanya akan ok nnt. Memang tak dinafikan dress tu sgt gorgeous but I didn’t think it’s really meant for me. Tapela doa jela on my wedding day it will look gorgeous gilerr sama mcm si pemakainya hahaa perasan. Plus deposit pun dah bayar & I also booked make up from her for Majlis Bertandang. Hopefully it turns out beautifully well.
And lupa plak nak snap picture of the dress so now I mcm ingat2 lupa how the dress looks like. LOL.

Back from there, we went home and having spaghetti that I cooked earlier hehe tunjuk rajin la kan. Then get ready to leave to Dungun cause janji ngan photographer kul 3pm at school and we started the shoot around 4pm. At first Bdkli cakap akan dtg bertiga tapi rupa2nya smpai 6 photographers yg datang. Hehe dah mcm artis kitaorg siap ngan props apa sume. So sampai mlm la kat sekolah and rupanya sangat penat yeh jadi model despite for 2 3 hours only.

So here the sneak peek :
of us back to school

shida that supposed to act as teacher for the day

dua org that i love.

Dungun town, 8.30pm : 16.02.10

Photos from official photographer (bdkli) belum dapat dapat lagi. Cant wait! :)

Tuesday, February 23

day two

On 2nd day at KT, I woke up around 7.30am hehe malu gak sbb my future MIL dh bangun lg awal. Thought she’s preparing breakfast so lepas gosok gigi turunla bawah konon nk menolong tp rupanya dia hanya kemas2 dapur because my future FIL dah tapau nasi lemak ikan yeay my favorite. So I just waited for Dy to wake up untuk breakfast together2. Ni lg sorang susah tul nk bgn awal hehe.

After breakfast, we went to Warna Sutera Batik at Chabang Tiga because I need to find a dealer for school’s batik uniform. Thanks to En.Zahari & Kak Ana yg sangat baik melayan kami so after about hour of discussion, I managed to choose the design, material & finalize the price. Hope cik Anita Yi akan berpuas hati ngan pilihan saya huhu. To anyone who interested nak cari dealer untuk kain batik terengganu boleh contact no ni – 0129385572 hehe promote sikit. Boss dia sangat sporting okay and diaorg boleh buat any design and colour yg kita request.

tekun memilih material yg sesuai within budget
saya pilih design ini :)
From Warna Sutera, we headed to Bukit Besar (ker) to pick up Shida aka Bunge my dear old friend. Mmg klu pegi Terengganu tak sah klu tak jumpa dia ni. She like always mmg banyak gossip & controversy esp about her current bfs err hehe banyak affair betul minah ni. We went to Dataran Syahbandar because I need to buy kaftan yg Lina kirim ada ekspo kat situ during that time. Thought nak g Pasar Payang tp cancel sbb ramai giler orang confirm susah nak dapat parking then we had our lunch at Uncle Chow Cafe. Having a good time catching up with her wlupun jumpa sekejap jeh sbb dia sibuk nak g dating but we promised to meet again the next day during our pre wed photo shoot in school.

memang hantu asam boi

sesi meroyan try tudung :)
sesi makan minum with the one & only shida
After that we went home because of the weather was so hot tak tahan sgt.. Lepak jap kat umah watched Pisau Cukur mmg gedik abis fazura & maya Karin (tp dy suka hehe) while waiting for his mum to get home from kenduri sbb dah janji dah g tempat org buat buaian for our dais. Yea as planned we’re going to DIY our dais but instead of buat yg typical dais we think lg sweet & more cool to use a cradle as our theme for majlis bertandang is ala ala garden chewahh.

Ariq yg hyper

From there we went to Pantai Chendering sbb Ariq (adik yg bongsu) beriya nak g sana. Having sotong bakar, ikan bakar, keropok lekor and air tebu pada waktu petang di tepi pantai mmg sangat heaven tp lupa plak nak snap picture hehe excited sgt makan. Pastu we headed home but on d way singgah Mydin to buy some groceries to cook spaghetti the next day. And that time I found my bracelet for solemnization ceremony at one of the goldsmith shop there. Yeay! The design is simple and the price pun not really expensive but doesn’t matter as long I love it! So bought it after got Dy’s approval.

Chendering Beach, Terengganu

So that’s it for day two. Panjang plak entry this time hehe. Next entry will be about our ‘back to school’ pre wed photo shoot ♥♥
Ciao guys!

Monday, February 22

Trip to KT ~ day one

yeay its time back for blogging. act bkn tade connection pun during cny holidays tp dah jadi habit bila cuti malas jeh rasa nk tulis apa2..and yesterday morning safely landed miri with ma and during 2hours15mins dalam flight what I did is sleeping and nothing else sbb ngantuk sgt cause the night before went to sleep at 2.30am woke up at 5.00am to catch flight at 7.10am. Lina picked up us at the airport, singgah umah diaorg amik keta and having breakfast. She’s so rajin sebab masakkan mee goreng utk kami. Thanks to lina, kak ja & mashee for breakfast and sbb tolong jaga keta yeh.

So it’s been a very productive holiday for me this time sbb manage to settle and bought banyak benda for the wedding huhu tp duit keluar mcm air and sama jugak ngan bill credit card makin bertambah2.. tape2 nnt bayar and cuti kali ni tak balik kg sbb pegi KT (dy's hometown) utk settlekan benda2 yg kt sana.

We finally arrived KT on valentine's evening sbb on the way byk kali berenti esp utk makan minum cause the weather mmg sgt panas makes us hungry all the time hehe plus our trip together with ee and his lil bro iwan. (ee mmg terkenal dgn sifat suka/kuat makan haha)

Pantai Kemasik, Terengganu

habuan kami

Arrived the house around 5.30pm and my future MIL said, "jom pegi pameran pengantin" and kami yg penat ni pun melayan jelah padahal dlm hati bestnya klu dpt baring2.. Quite fun dan okay gak pegi sbb dpt tgk banyak dais yg cantik2 and that really inspired us how to DIY our dais masa majlis bertandang nnt and during that time gak I was terpikat dgn satu white dress from Aura Cendana (yea nama bridal yg sgt classic) kan before this hanya decide nk pakai satu dress jeh utk nikah and sanding tp bila tgk dress tu terus fikir why not la kan am having 2 dresses since dy and his mum pun ckp janji ngan kak mas the owner of the bridal utk pegi test that dress on tuesday.

After that we went home, my future MIL masak nasi minyak yg sedap. Lepas mkn borak2 kejap I took shower after that terus tido. Janji nak jumpa my dear friend sheeda for catching up session @ air gelas besar place but since she's unreachable I pun zzZZZ very early around 10pm. Memang sgt excited everytime went to terengganu tp tido dulu lah sbb sgt penat travel for the whole day.

sgt suka this kind of flower arrangement

with yaya, dy's lil sis (budak ni tinggi lg dr gue huhu)

dais yg sgt cute & sweet

End of story for day one and will update more :)

Saturday, February 13

If i can. but i knew i cant.

I’m in a good shape today after a few days not feeling well & having an exhausted weekend and also because it is Fridayy already!!! aaa I’m so ecstatic to fly back to KL once again and my flight will be on tomorrow night. Can’t wait to meet Dy but there is a few things ought to be done first thing tomorrow morning before going back for CNY holidays.

The other day I was on phone with my former english teacher Mr. Hamdany to ask permission to do a photo shoot in school area for our pre wed picture during the holiday.
And suddenly I realise how much am missing my high school..

Yes, I never am the brightest, never am a good student, neither a favorite student/friend nor am disciplined enough during high school therefore I do have a memory that can never be replaced with anything else and simple conversation like that really brought back those sweet bitter memories.

How I wish that I can go back to high school again (tanpa sedar diri umur almost reach 30-an haha)
I miss the chaos living in the dorm esp during the weekend.
I miss the chaos in the dining hall during breakfast, lunch, tea break, dinner and supper time.
I miss the chaos when we’re taking our shower at the “kolah”.
I miss the chaos when we needed to line up for school in front of dining hall.
I miss the chaos during outing time at A&W.
I miss the gossiping time during the recess at class’s corridor.
I miss the chaos in the classroom during the prep time.
I miss all the teachers teaching in classroom.
I miss to eat ‘nasi lemak ikan’ at the school canteen.

Owh I can go on like this until dawn but will stop now. SMSD, just wait for me to be there again!

Thursday, February 11

photoblog ~

Photoblog-ing an old pictures to remind me that am used to be a skinny biatch!! Too lazy to write anything for now will be back with update about the wedding preps soon :)

mind those eyebags--scary ehh

this is poyo-poyo pic. i was testing my new sunglasses in the dark :)

this one taken at subang parade on christmas 2007..kot.

while waiting for my flight to Kuching for the 1st time on 3rd January 2008..steady jeh.

in school ~ 2008 outside the staff's room


Tuesday, February 9

i wish..

I wasn’t in the mood for blogging.
I wasn’t in the mood for brilliant thinking.
I wasn’t in the mood for doing anything.

I just want this week to end.
I want to go anywhere but here.

I'm not feeling well.
I’m tired to wake up at 5.45am 6 days almost every week.
I’m sick to go to the class everyday and looking at the same faces, same attitudes.

I had enough.
I wish I just can fly away. plsss.. can I??

Saturday, February 6

sickness T_T

I’m not feeling well; raining nose, bleeding gum, sore throat & headache are the result of lacking goodnight sleep for these couples of day and not the pain that really bugs me the most but the part where I need to be in school earlier than usual is the hardest. I was teacher in duty (its saturday hello..) I hate to be in school so early esp on saturday morning..

Luckily not all students are required to come so I only got 2 periods to teach for the day and I’m not required to do the checking for the class’s cleanliness too so yeay (one of so many silly things to do as teacher on duty urghh)

And my student told me that there’s one garment shop in Permai Jaya did selling english country style garment. So yesh I was so excited to go survey garment for the curtains but this sickness didnt allowed me to do so. Some other time I guess and need to go meet Molly too (my dressmaker) to discuss more about the dresses. I’ve been putting off the meeting a few times already as I promised to see her two weeks ago but since every saturday are replacement school day so I was too lazy to go to her boutique. Just wanna go home immediately after school.

Now, nak rest kejap. This flu has gotten me and my sore throat is getting worst. U need more fluid isroha! and definitely HIM!!

my silly joker face fiance..

my sweet heartthrob fiance..

Friday, February 5

fresh or artificial (wedding tales part 4)

For hantaran deco I was thinking to use a fresh flower but some said its going to waste a penny but I don’t think so lah. From my experience DIY the hantaran for my engagement the cost is almost the same to give or not. I spent almost RM200 to buy an artificial flower and all the things needed for the deco so compare to the cost to buy fresh flower it wasn’t much different. Nevertheless using fresh flower as a deco is easier, simply gorgeous and lively the way I wanna it to be which mean no more big fancy ribbon or whatsoever is needed. Then I’m going to use a plate as a base to put the hantaran stuff so that after the wedding the plate can be use instead of using polystyrene base that typically won’t be used anymore. kan membazir tu..

I truly heart these two hantaran, simple & sweet :

p/s : sorry, pics source tak ingat dari mana ;)

I bought these craft punch & scissors today during my trip to SuperSave to DIY my thank you taq but still don’t know when am going to start with the project but first am going to hunting for the right paper soon and then will start from there lah and not to forget, the potpourri project. I’m such a procrastinate :)

And I also got a quotation from renjismempelai for this wedding gown candle and it is cheaper from the quotation that I got from other vendor as I want it for 50 pcs only. So am definitely going to order it as a favor for my girlfriends. I fell in love.

adorable kan? so how can i resist ;)


Thursday, February 4

valentine's holiday

So valentine’s day is just around the corner. If last year I surprised Dy with a box of cupcakes had sent to his office, this year no more surprise considering I’m going to be with him by the time :)) <-- big smiles (although we are not celebrating hehe)

So my flight this coming CNY holiday will be on 13th night and as soon as I reach kl, Dy will fetch me at the airport and we’re going to hit the road to his hometown straight away.. Even it’s going to be a short time trip but I do hope that during the time we’ll manage to meet up with the photographer to confirm the date, make a payment and etc, find a MUA for me, a vendor to deco the hantaran of his side, as for my side am going to DIY it. Also not to forget our pre wedding shoots and other stuff that yet need to be listed in my to-do list.

We also been planning a short trip to Cameron Highland during the weekend (again) to survey and find the supplier for the fresh flower. I’m considering to order with bunga segar and since they already open an outlet there I think it’s easier if we just go, choose and make a payment straight away instead of dealing it online. Plus I always love to be there and with Dy around, I cant ask for more.

I hope everything going well as planned. And seriously can’t wait for the holiday!! and am going to end this entry with a valentine wishes to all.
Valentine’s day isn’t just about hearts, cupid, red roses and little heart shaped boxes..
It's also about friendship & togetherness.
Happy Valentine’s Day (in advance) Love ya!!

Wednesday, February 3


I miss him dearly! my so-called-model fiance. Cant wait to see him in couples of week time.

Picture credit to Limi Siefer

My heart goes to u. I♥L♥U♥

Tuesday, February 2

Flowers ~ all the way from kk..

Our sms’ed session the other day.
D : sayang buat pe tu?
B : tak buat pe tgk tv jeh. td by exercise tau turun naik tangga 10x
D : aa tade tempat lain ke?
B : hehe okay apa..
D : bahaya la sayang, jatuh kang.
B : hehe tadela..bkn lari-lari turun naik jeh smbil angkat dumbbells.
D : oo..okayla camtu.

** He such a darling & caring person when he’s not so occupied with work. LOL

Oh yea, some update for the wed preps. During our trip to kk last Nov, kak Jac my dear old friend brought us to 1Borneo (the largest shopping mall in east malaysia or in asia?) and while hunting present for her lil Amanda, my eyes caught a bouquet of beautiful artificial flowers at the store there but since we’re flying with airasia, our baggage access are limited (I don’t want to pay rm20 for every 1kg/or 1bag excess which I think airasia is being ridiculous) and that stopped us from buying more stuff so I was thinking; never mind I might get the same flower back home. So I passed.

But a few days ago, kak Jac was there once again and she texted me to know if I'm still interested with that flower and certainly enough, I do! owh so excited! I was like “okay kak, u just buy it for me and I will pay u later yeh” She’s so kind and promised me to post it out as soon as possible and I’m going to have it send to the florist to make a big arrangement as I already can envision where am going to put the flowers as a deco in my bedroom. It’s going to be english-style-white with a bit of pinkish and creamy shades room. Suddenly I realize that I must find an english style garment for the curtains too. ermm other thing to add in to-do-list. I’m also ordering these cute stuffs from Emelyns Garden as an additional for my hantaran deco. yeay sangat gembira.

still dunno what am going to do with these birdcages =)
pictures credit to emelynsgarden

Today’s weather was beautiful hot and I can’t resist myself from stop the car and snap a picture of the bright blue sky on the way back home from school.

Have u ever look up to the sky and being grateful? Yes, I did that today. Beautiful, isn't it?

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