MR & MRs LENG ;)

MR & MRs LENG ;)

Sunday, August 29

Allah trials come in a different way.

That's all I can say.

These couple of days, I’m a lil bit distracted bcoz something that happened back home and its killing me as nothing I can do to fix it neither that I can share it here. But I’m taking it as whatever happens, it’s happened for a reason. Therefore I was in grumpy mood lately and being away from hubster doesn’t help it at all. I just can wait to go back as I knew just to be with him can ease my anxious. So erghh..5 more days to go.

While waiting for those days to fly away, I have to move on with my life. Last night iftar was at Muara Restaurant and am having Empal (daging bakar) Lalapan Rice once again. It’s only Ma & I and as we are arrived quite late, it was full house already so we have to wait before got our seats. Our originally plan is to break the fast at Dynasty but after some consideration we cancel it. Rasa mcm membazir bayar RM40++ something then makan sikit jeh. Besides it’s only two of us, klu ramai2 baru seronok nak makan buffet sambil cite2. For me berbuka dengan hanya makan nasi dah cukup. I don’t need any kuih muih or whatever that’s why I rarely went to bazaar. Tade craving for any specific foods except for kebab. Itu pun bkn sbb mengidam sbb puasa tp sbb memang suka mkn kebab hehe tp last friday, pergi bazaar tade pun nmpak org jual kebab so tunggu balik kl jelah. Malas nak g cari tempat lain.

Okay continue with the story of last night. After iftar, we went to HotCross Bun Bakery to order some layer cake to bring home next week then off to Miri Mall for movie treat. Ingat nak tgk cite Jennifer Lopez, The Back-up Plan tapi cite tu tak on show lg dah so we opt for Step Up 3. I can say that the storyline wasn’t much different from the 2 previous movies but it was fun to watch. Seronok tgk diaorg menari apa bagai and the lead actor also quite cute! tp apatah nama dia malas nk google.

hubster, don’t be jealous okeh dear :)

Erm for yesterday no picture was taken bcoz I wasn’t in the mood for it. My Sony digicam tu pun mana tah perginya must be somewhere in one of my handbags.

Till then here some photos from my E71.

1. our first date as a hubby & wifey. 2. Inside : my coach op art sateen maggie
3. my new chanel inspired heels 4. nampak kurus kan? hehe this was taken before fasting

1. one of my bajus raya 2. Sambil mengajar smbil berposing :)
3. Abaikan rambut yg serabai itu, ini kat kelas 6RPP 4. view from the class

Monday, August 23

i love raining day

Rasa cam kejap jeh weekend its Monday already. Spent the whole weekend staying at home except on Saturday morning when I was at school for a meeting. The night before I fall asleep so soundly because of the cold weather sampai hubster texts a few times pun tak sedar hihi
** Sorry sayang (^_^) --> ini icon muka cute just for u.

Starting Wednesday, it was raining every other day & night (not that I complain though) After staying in Miri for almost 3years, I can say that I like rainy day more (dah mcm Bella aku nih hehe) rather than hot sunny day because the weather here is quite different. Maybe sebab duk area pantai kot itu yang panasnya lain mcm jeh. Everyone keeps saying that I’m darker nowadays (or isit tanned? haha) sampai ada sorang akak tailor nih tak percaya that I’am a Kelantanese.

Dia siap ckp "bukan org Kelantan putih2 ke?”
wth kak..
and aku jawab “saya dulu putih sejak duk sini yg jadi hitam”
hahaa siot betoi.

So Sunday is heaven. It’s raining all day long and laziness has taken over me. At 2.45pm I’m still in my PJs dan sepanjang hari baring jeh atas tilam mengadap lappy smpai my body aches hehe sungguh seronok.

Owh yea on Saturday jugak after that stupid meeting ended (which we got tortured for what we did. Buat salah tak buat lagi salah. pffft!) I went to a garment store and bought a few meters of polka-dot chiffon garment to be tailored as a long scarf. Im thinking to wear a scarf for this coming raya tp tak sure la match ke tidak ngan baju raya ;)

p/s : suka la awak hubster :)

Saya juga telah order these button badges just for fun. Ingat nak guna for our post wedding photo shoot. Will see la camne sbb tak decide lagi ngan hubster nak buat theme apa. If up to me, both of us pakai jeh levis & crispy white shirt then pakai button ni cute eayy. Don’t know whether hubster agree or not. Ermm..
Anyway, for those who might interested to purchase these button badges, can click here CUTE BUTTON BADGES.

Friday, August 20

of reading stuff

I woke up today to a gloomy cold morning. Erghh it’s hard to wake up early in the morning when the weather is so freezing thus last night I was asleep quite late to finish those demn extra class analyses but am glad it is Friday already. Rasa baru jeh start Ramadhan and now we’re already 1/3 way through it. Even though I didn’t complete the whole 10days nie but still there’s 20days left to go so InsyaAllah esok dah boleh start puasa balik :)

Last weekend I was doing nothing since tade pepe activity in school. Duk kat rumah jer mmg boring giler (I’m too broke even for window shopping hahaha) and out of boredom tuh I somehow realize that it’s been a while since my last purchased on book. My current reading is the Eclipse (repeating for 2nd time) since I hv nothing new to read. My last book that I’ve had read is Twenties Girl from my fav author Sophie Kinsella. Itu pun I tak beli sbb hubster bagi as a birthday present last March.

So I masukla Sophie Kinsella website and wehee guess what, she’s already out with a new book for Shopaholic series and it’s called Mini Shopaholic. For those yg ada baca Shopaholic & Baby tahula saper Mini or Minnie tu kan.

I’d have asked Nad to get it for me when she’s in UK recently if I knew about this book earlier. Gosh! rugi tp bila check kt website MPH, the book will be release on Sept, 2nd in Malaysia dah tak lama dah. I’m so excited yeay! bertambah lagi my collection of Sophie Kinsella books.
I’m going to buy this book as well (pic below). It’s a twilight parody so as a big fan of twilight saga I should give it a try.

Ermm esok ada plak meeting kt sekolah. I guess it’s going to be a never-ending torture. Prfhhh! It would be nice if I have those books to kill the time huhu

Friday, August 13

cerita puasa (& handbag raya)

After a sleepless night a day before that caused me headache all day long, last night after iftar I was fast asleep around 8.30 then woke up around 2-ish, check my phone (of course, there’s a text from hubster) and realize its late already so I went back to sleep ;) Itupun nasib baik tak miss sahur sbb sedar2 balik dah kul 4.30. Typical me is memang tak larat puasa klu tak sahur so all these years memang tak akan miss sahur unless I was too tired (read : tido mati) ataupun tak boleh puasa hihii

So this is my first ramadhan as a wife but sadly I wasn’t with the hubster. Poor him bcoz these past 2days he’s only break the fast at the office. 1st day he bought a burger across the street at his office, 2nd day he’s only went to mamak. Gosh it might be different if I were there in KL. Hubster dear, I’m so sorry okay for not being there but soon, in 3weeks time im going to be with u again, tak sabar nak berbuka ngan kamu.
Luckily this year my cuti raya awal sikit so sempatla kot kami merasa berpuasa & bersahur as a husband & wife for the 1st time :)

And as for me..
1st day iftar was at home having a tapau lalapan rice & 2nd day was with Ma, Lina & Kak Ja at Selera Rasa Segar (apsal aku rasa kedai ni nama cam mini market hehe) Nothing delightful, I just had a rice and overpriced sup tulang.
p/s : I don’t like that place bcoz its too crowded and loud. pasang tv kuat giler and the service agak slow. Thus with my headache condition I can’t bear to be at crowded place tapi nvrmind tahan jelah demi nak berbuka dgn kwn2. Today plak I only managed to fast for half day bcoz my bf of the month sudah sampaiii. Duhh rasa rugi plak ingat sempat la abis satu arini. This time puasa, tade rasa excited pun nak g psr ramadhan hehe tak tahu nape.

On other note, my raya handbag sudah smpai dari paris weheee sangat seronok.
Thanks to Nad & Adi sbb sanggup mengangkutnya smpai ke Malaysia. Diaorg arrived from London and transit at KLIA mlm isnin aritu then hubster went to pick up it before them on board to Aussie plak (diaorg nie duduk kat Aussie)
Jealous betul ngan diaorg pergi bercuti round2 UK for almost 20days. My turn bila tah, selagi tak settle ngan PTPTN jgn harap nak keluar dari Malaysia terchenta nih huhu
Anyways, thanks a lot guys. Rasa sangat tak sabar to hold that baby and thanks to u too hubster kerana bersusah payah utk itu :)) Gambar yg hubster mms takleh nk upload plak mana tah pi phone nyer cable tuh.

mine is similar with this one different color je kot. saja kirim kt diaorg sbb I can save a few hundreds klu beli abroad. masih tak mampu nk pki Gucci ke, LV or Chanel hehe

So guys, have a wonderful weekend ya. Saya happy sbb this weekend tade pepe aktiviti in school. syukur, Alhamdulillah.

Sunday, August 8

our weekend together.

I came across this blog and fell in love with it.

Pls check it out guys. It was about how this mom turns her lil girl's dreams into photos (her imagination or course!) during her maternity leave. Its so cool!
Oh how I wish I can be like her when it comes to my time (hehe belum ada baby dah berangan mcm2) tp things like this requires enormous of creativity & determination and knowing myself, blerghhh it won’t happen I guess. Setakat ambik gamba biasa2 everyday mungkin la kottt hehe

Anyway, am going to share about our short getaway last weekend. Owh how I missed spending times with my dear hubster esp at the place that I love the most. This weekend am doing nothing, so boringggg...

So lets the pictures does the talking shall we? :)

this is the newlyweds on 2nd time honeymoon ;)

1. rasa nk gigit awan itu. 2. waiting for hubster to fetch at KLIA.
3. si hubster seronok dpt presents (jeles la org tu dpt new phone :p) 4. fits him well yeah!

off we went to cameron highlands the next day. hubster bgn lambat so arrived pun dah around 1.30pm. Jalan2 dulu before check in at heritage hotel. we thougt we're late already tp kul4 baru leh check in cehh!

Our room. semua deco bkn hotel yg buat tp si wifey was trying to be creative haha
maklumla bunga murah kat sana

we were having dinner at Strawberry Moment, new hottest place in town. the foods taste okayla..spaghetti dia pun banyakkk smpai kena tapau hehe

tp diaorg punya desserts semua sgt2la menarik.
we chose mini buffet strawberry & chocolate. our mouth-watering dessert. sgt suka!

strawberry ice cream, waffle in choco syrup, strawberry chocolate, scones yum yum!
(makan smpai rasa nk muntah)

jalan2 beli bunga, yg hijau tue jambu epal (sedap!) tp mahal rm8/2biji.
hubster bought for me & his officemates.

during breakfast at hotel. the food biasa2 ajer. we ate pun tak banyak. lepas snap a few pictures outside, we went back to our room. si hubster went back to sleep (kaki tidur) & si wifey kena marking paper aihhh

taken outside the hotel after breakfast. the sun is shining but its cool. i like!

p/s : hubster dear, thanks for taking me there. iloveu.


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