MR & MRs LENG ;)

MR & MRs LENG ;)

Monday, August 23

i love raining day

Rasa cam kejap jeh weekend its Monday already. Spent the whole weekend staying at home except on Saturday morning when I was at school for a meeting. The night before I fall asleep so soundly because of the cold weather sampai hubster texts a few times pun tak sedar hihi
** Sorry sayang (^_^) --> ini icon muka cute just for u.

Starting Wednesday, it was raining every other day & night (not that I complain though) After staying in Miri for almost 3years, I can say that I like rainy day more (dah mcm Bella aku nih hehe) rather than hot sunny day because the weather here is quite different. Maybe sebab duk area pantai kot itu yang panasnya lain mcm jeh. Everyone keeps saying that I’m darker nowadays (or isit tanned? haha) sampai ada sorang akak tailor nih tak percaya that I’am a Kelantanese.

Dia siap ckp "bukan org Kelantan putih2 ke?”
wth kak..
and aku jawab “saya dulu putih sejak duk sini yg jadi hitam”
hahaa siot betoi.

So Sunday is heaven. It’s raining all day long and laziness has taken over me. At 2.45pm I’m still in my PJs dan sepanjang hari baring jeh atas tilam mengadap lappy smpai my body aches hehe sungguh seronok.

Owh yea on Saturday jugak after that stupid meeting ended (which we got tortured for what we did. Buat salah tak buat lagi salah. pffft!) I went to a garment store and bought a few meters of polka-dot chiffon garment to be tailored as a long scarf. Im thinking to wear a scarf for this coming raya tp tak sure la match ke tidak ngan baju raya ;)

p/s : suka la awak hubster :)

Saya juga telah order these button badges just for fun. Ingat nak guna for our post wedding photo shoot. Will see la camne sbb tak decide lagi ngan hubster nak buat theme apa. If up to me, both of us pakai jeh levis & crispy white shirt then pakai button ni cute eayy. Don’t know whether hubster agree or not. Ermm..
Anyway, for those who might interested to purchase these button badges, can click here CUTE BUTTON BADGES.



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