MR & MRs LENG ;)

MR & MRs LENG ;)

Friday, October 31

Song TO cheer ME up :)

she's cute kan

Stupid For U by Marie Digby

It's not everyday
that i find a person quite like you
perfect every way
i finally found the nerve to confess that it's you - that i want
i don't care if i act a fool
i would damn near beg for you !
put aside, all my pride
so don't keep me hanging here
cause this girl is falling stupid for you..
stupid for you..

the proper thing to do
is for me to act like a lady and wait
for you to make the first move
but i don't think you're getting the point
that it's you - that i want
i don't care if i act a fool
i would damn near beg for you
put aside, all my pride
so don't keep me waiting here
cause this girl is falling stupid for you!
oh, oh stupid for you

why's it always feel like i am
chasing love when nothing's there
and here i go just making the same mistake...

i've fallen stupid for you..

p/s : mind some of da lyrics, i just love dis song :)

HUGS, mafis

Thursday, October 30

"im stucked in here"

Only one week left before end of this year school term and I cannot wait!! Not that i can go back early (wish I can do that) but to think that i don’t hv to b in smk lutong everyday really delighted me..not because of hated ya guys, but that place really2 memboringkan.its true..

yelah with da condition in staff room yang mmg crowded really drives me crazy. I try my best to make sure that my desk always tidy as possible everyday, so that tadela serabut sangat kan (that doesn’t make me da tidiest person in this world) but whatever u do, if people around u seems not really care how their table looks like, then nothing much u can do la kan..?

“mmg bersepah dgn barang2, buku2 yang aku sendiri tak tahu sejak bila ada kat situ..”
only that i can said.
im sure all of us used to b in “bilik guru” back time kan? so da rest, u guys imagine la sendiri..poor me kan? huhh!


Wednesday, October 29


Im done marking exam paper..yeyy!!
it such a relieved. there is no word to describe how i feel when all of this over, it was too agony to read student’s essay again n again, not to mention those terrible hand writing erghhh, pening kepala cikgu, baru la boleh nak bernafas sikit.. but already, dis coming weekend is full with activities..

First, on Friday nite I hv to attend dinner with MPP pra-u students at Dynasty Hotel dan day after that (which i hate) on Saturday morning, we'll have Anugerah Sri Perdana, and next in da afternoon there is 45 years celebration of SMK Lutong which incld "penanaman kapsul"yang ntah apa2tah, i still didnt get it (For info, that capsule will b open on 100 years anniversary of SMK Lutong, maknanya 55 tahun yang akan datang, im gonna be 81 years old that time,leh mgkn dah nyanyuk masa tu, thats why i dont get it hee) and on da next day we'll hv dinner at Eastwood Valley Hotel (i only like this part :D) huhu there, so much for a weekend right?

But the worst part is still dunno what to wear for both nite..actually already bought dress n blouse but didn’t hv decent trousers to match with.. aiyoo takkan nak pki ngan levis? (myb kot huhuu) need to figure this out but im planning to wear something simple but yet (hopefully) still gorgeouss!! Yeahh baby!

xoxo mafis

Thursday, October 23

Do i love my LIFE. MAYBE

Dont know why but lately me, being so disturbing, upset & everything yg tak sepatutnya (myb sebab dh nk period huhu) but so many things going around in my mind and I really hate when I cant make a decision even small one cause any decision that I gonna make will effect somebody else too, or myb I can just do whatever I want w/out thinking much about anything else. (actually its not a big deal but if I don’t make a decision, then who will?? right..)

And me been busy for a few days now. Already finished marking STPM trial paper, its such a relief but now need to continue with marking form4 and lower 6 final year exam paper plak erghh..benci sungguh!!
STPM is just around da corner and im quite nervous too(cikgu lg nervous dr student kot hehe) since im da only who teaches Bahasa Melayu for f6 so da burden is all on my shoulder..risau jugak klu diaorg tak score dan tak achieve target(all of them must score at least C ) otherwise, it will effect my capability in teaching f6 students la.

pathetic teacher in meeting

Some asked,isit difficult to b a teacher? yes, it is difficult. sometimes my students can really makes my day but sometimes they can b really annoying too. myb Im not trying enough or myb I just think too much.. not that im not being grateful with my life now but sometimes I wish I can walk away. teaching is not my excitement and the reason im doing this is because of da financial secure in order to survive. sounds pathetic but yes, its true I guess(and also because my mum asked me too lor hehe)

Do MAFIS love her life? yeah myb. or myb not? huhu

Monday, October 20


at Mega Hotel 4 rehearsal on 3rd day after cut my hair

Its almost 4 months since I cut & straighten my first it quite satisfied me but now it started to really annoying me esp in da morning..huhu

There is so many problems that hair can possibly have..
splits end,
dryness, (esp after I shampoo),
dull, stiffer than ever.
and banyak lagilah erghh..

And to cover it up, I tend to do it in pony tail or just wear head band like this :

Its easier & can save my time in da morning actually..
but still need to do something about it, i already bought hair lotion for treatment but since im a lazy dog, always forget to put it everyday..hehe

Mind me.. M a f i s

Saturday, October 18

I Need A Break.

After almost 1 year struggled, teaching and everything, I think I really really need and deserve a break..
im considering to go somewhere dis year end school break, but don’t thinks its going to happen cause, I hv to stay here until end of nov to supervise students 4 spm & after that, my brother will get married, & soon after that we gonna celebrate aidiladha, huh so how & when im going off for holiday?? Guys help me out plss.. plus we also planning to get engaged in dec but dunno isit going to happen or not. .sighh (dy, pls do sort this thing out ya, plss dear..)==> am I that desperate?? huhu

our last trip ~ penang

must buy food when visit penang
penang hill

kat atas feri

So I decided to wait until next year school break (in mac) to go for it as a treat for myself considering its my month of birthday :) so now I keep searching for places that I might go, isit Bali, Bandung, KK, Labuan, Langkawi (been there once) or mayb Singapore? But still cannot decide cause didn’t get any respond from Dy whenever I asked him about place we should go.
so how? should I go alone? huhu

m a f i s need holiday :(

Tuesday, October 14

DY been BUSY

Dy been busy 4 a week & me, being ignored huhu (im trying to get used to it) he had to work on weekend too. Im worried about him actually cause he works too hard. he’s going to d office around 9.30, 10am every morning and only reached home not until midnite and this happened almost everyday sighh.. don’t know what to do actually..sighhh again. wish I was there to give him support & comfort that he might need but a da same time I quite upset myself..
Hope he can get through this. I kno its been a difficult week for him too..
To sayang, just hang on there ya. just to let u kno that I always get ur back. whatever it is, I always L o v e U..

i dedicated this for u :
"atas nama cinta hati ini tak mungkin terbagi
sampai nanti hingga aku mati
cinta ini hanya untuk engkau..

atas nama cinta kurelakan jalanku merana
asal engkau akhirnya denganku
ku bersumpah atas nama cinta.."

By & Dy in Love :)


Wednesday, October 8

online shopping anyone??

Lately, i been trying to do some online shopping..ya its new for me though its not really a new thing in shopping world hehe and i find out it quite interesting & fun too.. Despite its not really same with the real shopping which we can try stuff before we buy it but its work for me who sometimes too lazy to go to da mall if not with Dy around (ada makna tu hehe)

So before raya I tried and bought this stripy cardigan from // which arrived a day before raya. The price is reasonable; material is quite good and most of all it comes in a good condition. Only it doesn’t fit me properly because it was in free size, other than that it was ok.

I think I kinda like this type of shopping and I think u guys should try it too..its easier and can save lot of ur time & energy (don’t hv to walk from shop to shop la) and u can make a quick decision (no need to pening2 kepala sebab tak boleh nk pilih) whether to buy or not because its always limited n u hv to make it quick before somebody else reserved it.
And now im going to buy this Floral Summer dress in blue. already reserved it :) cute right? so people, what u waiting for? Lets shop!!!

xoxo mafis

Tuesday, October 7

My N e w gadget :)

On 1st day hari raya, Dy's phone fallen down into da toilet bowl oww euww..thats the reason i get a new handphone hehee..i made a suggestion to Dy to buy my old Sony Ericsson M580i (5 months old ok..) n i will get a new one yahuu
org punya phone rosak, dia dpt phone baru --> Dy said.. kihkihh
And after a nite searching on net about latest phone in town so i decided to get dis little one..

its E71 from Nokia guys..
I read a review about this phone and they said its one of da hottest phone for 2008 and after hv been using it for a few days, im glad I chose to buy this lil one yeyy..LOVED IT!! I can email and online everywhere I go as long as there is WLAN connection..and thank god Miri is the place that hv it!

Here some of the reviews :
"..have been using the E71 for a week and I can confidently say that it is perhaps the best mobile in the market today. It has got almost every feature anyone would want packed into a slim and very elegant design..Slightly on the heavier side(125gm)but considering its made of solid steel, it can excused.

I have had no problems with any of its functions. The keyboard is pleasant to use. The display is brilliant especially in sunlight. Music quality is very good if you use a good headphone with an adapter(AD-50)(the provided headset is just average).

I find the camera quite good in good light conditions(night shots not satisfactory). Video is also good for a business phone.
The phone feels real solid in your hand and very ergonomically designed.
Internet browsing is excellent.."

"UK Mobile Choice Consumer Awards 2008 :

- Phone of the year : Nokia E71
- Best Camera Phone : Samsung i8510 INNOV8
- Best Smartphone : Nokia E71
- Best Music Phone : Samsung SGH-F400
- Best Stylist Phone : LG KF750 Secret
- Manufacture of the Year : Samsung Mobile

(held at London's Old Billingsgate Market)"

love, m a f i s

Monday, October 6

A i d i l F i t r i 2008

Raya this year is so short for me, on 3rd day raya im flied back to kl huhuu so boring because my flight to Miri is on sunday morning..though its a short period but raya this year are filled with joy & happiness..all my siblings r coming home except my brother in johor & my youngest sister who works in kl.
So its about 26 of us includ nieces, nephews, brother & sisters-in-law..ya memang sungguh ramai sampai me, myself kena tido depan tv hehee with anak-anak sedara sume but it really doesn't matter sbb setahun sekali jeh kan..

On pg raya, i wake up around 7am to iron my baju raya but since i had niece (17 years old who ironing everybody’s clothes so i let her do mine too..thanks Hana)
After do some cleaning & serving food, i take bath & waited for the chaps to come home after sembahyang raya.

Our juadah for pagi raya this year are sate, rendang & nasi himpit, kek lapis from Sarawak and variety of biskut raya. After eating, its time for bersalaman & bermaafan with our parent & siblings..its really touched my heart to see my parent faces filled with sadness but happiness at da same times to see all of us get together.

I just stayed home until 12pm, waiting for people to visit, before went to our grandparents house to visit and having lunch. This year my aunt cooked deliciously Laksa with two different kind of kuah iaitu kuah penang & kuah lemak (which is really famous in Kelantan la & my favourite too).

Coming back from there, I take a nap for a while (sempat lagi tu) and after that went to my uncle house to beraya again.Though my raya without Dy by myside, but still it filled with joy & happiness. I took the opportunity to give duit raya to children and get to see their faces every time they get duit raya really pleased me (walaupun diri sendiri tak dapat duit raya dah huhuu) It bring back those memories when I was a little girl :)

sms'ed from Dy on pagi raya :

"..beraya puas2 yer tahun tahun ni, tahun depan tak tahu lagi beraya kat mana.."

oppss..whats that supposed to mean??hehe

**will upload some pictures later ya! need to go.

XOXO..M a f i s


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