MR & MRs LENG ;)

MR & MRs LENG ;)

Tuesday, November 4

MPP pra-u Nite & 45th year Anniversary Dinner

Last Friday night i was at Dynasty Hotel, Miri to hv dinner with mpp pra-u students. It was simple gathering but I had a great time. Foods are good, with students that dress up superbly well (act lagi vogue dari cikgu2 hehe) so everything is quite ok, and me (of course la) was da queen of the nite :)
here some of kodak moments :

queen of nite :)

with Noria & Connie
posed for da nite :) me & yatt

And on Sunday nite as i mention before, we have dinner at Eastwood Valley Golf & Country Club to celebrate 45th years anniversary of smk lutong..since we r not allowed to wear anything not formal other than baju batik, which I don’t care.. so I decided to wear my purple plain bj kurung moden and adding up some accessories, iaitu waist belt and batik print (sort of) shawl.

Quest of honor is Datuk Peter Chin, Menteri Komuniti & Perladangan Sarawak, plus former principals & teachers, ex-students and semua mereka2 yang terlibat secara langsung or tidaklah dalam kejayaan smk lutong in 45 years ni, and thank god da ceremony went on smoothly incld da launching of school website and pelbagai lagilah. Generally, it was a pleasant ceremony. here some pictures at the event :

Yatt,Ma & By


with da girls

p/s : will upload more pics later xoxo mafis

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