MR & MRs LENG ;)

MR & MRs LENG ;)

Saturday, January 24

Our trip to Pangkor

Last December we managed to go for trip and after a few talks and consideration, we ended up in Pangkor Island.. at first we quite worried about going to island during this monsoon but thank God everything goes well as we planned, the weather are good and we had so much fun!!

so, we stayed at Teluk Dalam Resort located at northwest of Pangkor Island and the chalets are build in kampung-styled that have it own private beach, that place is awesome with spectacular view and the surrounding is so serene. And next time if we visit pangkor again, this place gonna be first in our list to stay.

So here some captured of our madness in pangkor.

thanks sayang for finding some times to spend with me :)
muaahh, mafis

Friday, January 23

What Inside It?

People kept asking me why my handbag always so big and they so curious to know what's inside it hehe.. but guys, like normal girl/women do, my handbag contains:

1) My black purse - from guess
2) Nikon S9 digicam (need this during meeting, utk hilangkan boring & stress)
3) Mobile phone - for now, im using my sister’s not-so-cool Motorola phone cause my Nokia still in KL sbb rosak masuk virus
4) Black pen
5) a bottle of asam boi
6) Hair band (sometimes when my hair gets messy, I really need this)
7) CK pouch to keep my pendrives, small hair clips
8) Sikat rambut color itam
9) Car and house keys

And sometimes, I keep a book to kill my time if I need to wait for my friends for a very long hours or kotex once a month (at certain point, we don’t know when we really need it kan :) )

and FYI people, who still doesn’t know..big size handbag is so in now lar..aiyoo!

My new handbag that I bought at Pavillion KL, not really famous branded handbag but still costs me almost 300bucks gak..euw

m a f i s

Thursday, January 22

Its Bali's big day!!

updates :
ahaa, can upload pictures today, so guys enjoy it as much we do!!

beautiful couples

looks like they having fun!!

us,semasa dan selepas

I wanna share pictures of us at Bali's wedding in Dec but dunno why i cannot upload picture here, keep trying but still failed..loh gi mana deh ni??

it was beautiful ceremony..
Beautiful day, beautiful couples.. we are so hepi for them :))
plus Dy was his pengapit so i really excited to show u guys my ensem boyfriend in baju Melayu :))

sayang as pengapit so ensem

so, are we next sayang??hehe

C O N G R A T U L A T I O N S to Bali & Lily !!!

XOXO m a f i s

Saturday, January 17

I am a bad partner :(

Who am i..
sometimes i didn’t really know myself.. last nite i went crazy, mad & upset too much, dunno what’s got into me.. i keep sending text even though i know im gonna hurt his feeling but i just couldn’t help it.

I just need him to always there for me to get me throughout da night.. with everything that keeps upsetting me dis past few weeks, im a wreck right now.. in day light i put my face a smile like nothing happened but its harder when night comes..

Honey, please forgive me & understand me..
I know I hurt u badly but I feel more for treating u like that..

iam a bad partner
m a f i s

Friday, January 16

ALL About Me!!

Today, I asked my student to write down what they think about me and dunno why they really excited to do it hehe, and here goes the list of myself in eyes of f6 students :

About Miss Isroha :
1) Baik & memahami murid
2) Cute, cantik
3) Stylish
4) Sporting
5) Suka bergurau
6) Murah hati (suka bagi makanan)
7) Tak suka bagi kerja rumah (best)
8) Friendly
9) Tak boring kalau mengajar
10) Perangai kadang2 macam budak2
11) Open minded
12) Mudah dibawa berunding
13) First cikgu yg saya tgk suka duduk diatas meja
14) Sedap mata memandang
15) Sempoi
16) Kelakar, lucu, funny, lawak
17) Ceria
18) Banyak cakap
19) Prihatin
20) Murah dengan senyuman
21) Bijak dalam pengajaran
22) Cikgu mengajar dengan baik tetapi ada masa gile-gile
23) Kadang-kadang bila tade mood, monyok jeh muka
24) Pandai mengawal keadaan kelas
25) Ramah dengan pelajar
26) Sering bertolak ansur
27) Sering mencari bahan baru utk rujukan dalam kelas
28) Seksi & Menggoda
29) Lemah lembut
30) Memiliki body yang cun
31) Always buy new shoes, bag, accessories
32) Kind hearted
33) Mesra
34) Seorang guru yang mengajar dengan tegas tetapi tidak serius dalam p&p
35) Suka bergurau semasa mengajar utk elak tension
36) Suka berperangai seperti pelajar
37) Seorang guru yang tidak mudah ambil hati dgn gurauan pelajar
38) Mood selalu bagus
39) Selamba
40) Muka blur tapi pandai
41) Tak kisah mengata pengetua
42) Blur
43) Mengajar mcm style samseng
44) Rasional
45) Manja
46) Bersopan santun
47) Bersemangat ketika mengajar
48) Mempunyai suara yang besar
49) Selalu menjerit dalam kelas
50) Suka pukul pelajar (main2)
51) Seorang guru yang bertangggungjawab
52) Kadang-kadang menjerit secara tiba-tiba boleh menakutkan pelajar
53) Kadang-kadang gedik HAHA
54) Jarang marah
55) Mengajar secara sistematik
56) Suka bercakap dengan pelajar
57) Sering buat lawak semasa mengajar
58) Caring
59) Muka macam tak tahu apa-apa tapi pandai
60) Senang dibuli oleh sesetengah orang
61) Cepat senyum dan ketawa selepas dipuji
62) Banyak & suka bercerita
63) Muka innocent
64) Selalu tersenyum
65) Tidak membezakan antara guru dan murid
66) Apa yang diajar senang difahami
67) Suka menggaru ketiak dan main hidung
68) Banyak celoteh
69) Periang
70) Mulut laser
71) Suka cakap besar, memuji diri
72) Suka melawa
73) Hyper active
74) Banyak cerita dongeng
75) Suka bagi coklat
76) Mulut popek2
77) Senang kena buli
78) Seorang yang baik
79) Tidak senang duduk diam
80) Pandai bergurau dan kool
81) Berdisiplin
82) Berkarakter
83) Memahami pelajar
84) Suka bercakap dengan pelajar

So what do u think guys? am i a good teacher..or not..? I hope I can b a better teacher as it is one of my new year resolutions!

P/S Before they wrote, I already told my students not to kiss my ass, they wont get any extra marks or merit hahaha

Hugs for them!!
cikgu mafis

Thursday, January 15

Happy Anniversary To US!!

This is for u sayang..

I have always thought that love is the most important part of my life;
and da day i met u..
I want our love to last and to be as beautiful as it is now..
I know that we must both work at making it last, so I will try my hardest at all times to be fair and honest with you..
I will always try to understand you & will always let you know what Im thinking.. :)
I will always try to support you..
I will always consider each day with you special regardless of what events occur in our lives I will make sure that our relationship flourishes as I will always love and respect u..

so much love in us hehe

Happy 4th Anniversary sayang..
I Love You.

XOXO baby aka MAFIS


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