MR & MRs LENG ;)

MR & MRs LENG ;)

Monday, June 29

great saturday

Like i said before, i hate this period. Got lot of things to get settles and i started to feel disgust! It’s not easy when u have to deal with person who seems doesn’t know even one stupid single thing even though he hv been doing the same thing for years!

I know this period will past in few weeks and im going to dancing my ass soon!

So saturday was a shopping day but it wasn’t for me but more like for Dy, to shop for his birthday present specifically. yeah I am a terrible fiancée hehe..

Because of my hectic schedules, I am running out of time but i promised him that i will post it out as soon as possible. So sorie yea honey :))
I bought few things for him, hopefully he going to likes it as much i enjoying his present for my birthday this year and i also hope it gonna surprise & lighten him up a lil bit.
So sayang, just wait yeh, it will arrive any time soon. Pls enjoy and let me know what u feel :)

After did some shops & i got everything i need to put into Dy's parcel, we went home and after that rushed to Kak Luv's house because they are having bbq/surprise birthday party for Kak Haslina. It was fun because we turned off all the light and waits before she's came home shocking to see all of us gathered together.

ini yg kami bawa

berebut mic ngan ma hahaa

By & Birthday Girl

The party was great, we have so much fun and after so long, i did karaoke & sang 3 songs upon so many request haha..

Left the house around 11.40pm, had a great time on saturday.

Saturday, June 27

movie to watch

i am seriously dying to watch Transformers : Revenge Of The Fallen because of Shia LaBeouf! but it is not in town yet.
"Info : Shia means gift from God" and he really is a gift for all of us :))

Hopefully im not gonna miss it regardless of my hectic workload lately and i just realize that i am a big fan of him :) i think he's super talented, sweet good looking and even with his puppy eyes, he suits bad boy character perfectly!

Dy already watched the movie and im soooo jealous of him! When the first Transformers came out, we watched it twice, together and that made me so sad loh. We really had great times back then.

Honey, if i miss the show, make sure u gets me the finest ciplak dvd yeh. pleaseee..

Friday, June 26

MJ - 1958~2009

Michael Jackson death was so sudden. Im not a big fan of him but being born in early 80's, my childhood revolved around his music cause abg wadi, my eldest bro is a die-hard fan, so biasa la dgr and suka gak la lagu dia cam “u are not alone” & "beat it" but i always think that he such a weirdo and quite scary! (isit right/allowed to say that?) hehe

but now he's gone, his weirdness will be remembered for sure and to MJ, rip yeh!

p/s : i pick the most unscariest pic to load here :p

Mdm Rita's Farewell Dinner ~ Imperial Hotel 24.06.09

sampai2 jeh terus diambil gamba, sgt seronok

Lynn & By ~ kami yg konon mmg cute

mdm Rita Wong yg diraikan

By & Ma yg terpaksa control gorgeous :)

mereka2 yg veteran hehe berjoget lambak

yea, dia mmg agak tinggi banding ngan kak Noriah hehe

saya pun agak tinggi :)

sblm kami pulang

** Tema pada mlm tersebut ialah kebaya for the ladies atas permintaan mdm Rita sbb tu kami sume perasan anggun :))

Thursday, June 25

im now surfing, blogging from kfc boluevard during short lunch. Damn really dont hv time to blog these day..i hate this period.

Honey, im missing u :(

Tuesday, June 23

Honey besday is today!

June 23rd is Dy’s birthday and it is today. I feel bad i wasn’t there to be with him..i know how much he depressed at work and knowing he’s gonna work his ass out too today depressed me a lot too! huhu
It’s also occurred to me that its been 2 years already we missed our birthday together. so sad lah.

Dear, im so sorry i didn’t plan anything this time like i did last year (act I already planned of something but have to cancel it last minute huhu) but i promised im gonna surprise u later yeh..just wait okay :) I know im running out of times but i’ll make sure it is worth to make u wait ( I hope so la hahaha)
I just wanna say that thank u for being born and to get the opportunity of being ur life partner is one of the most grateful thing in my life. I would give up the world for that (like I said last nite hehe)

Have a wonderful day yeh and some fun even though without me by your side.. I know we gonna make up all those times that we missed together and i cant wait for that!

H A P P Y 27th B I R T H D A Y S A Y A N G !!
I Love U.

Saturday, June 20

suffer but gorgeous!

This morning we got Majlis Anugerah Bintang and i was one of the emcee. so before i left house, i decided to wear heels and now im so regretted the decision! I stood for almost 2 and 1/2 hours during the ceremony and now my foot hurts so much!

Itulah, nk sgt nmpak gorgeous padahal bkn org tgk pun kaki tu. hehe

Dy once asked me,
“By, why women didn’t mind to hurt themselves by wearing heels..?”
and i said,
“Because of u guys la, we wanted to be sexy to look at by u, hehe!”

But for me (orang lain tak tahu la), its nothing about to look sexier only but its more about the confident. When i am wearing heels, i feel more confident esp. when i needed to walk in front like hundred of peoples.

So even though it does hurt like hell, we women definitely going to wear it, forever! heee

Friday, June 19

his new hair cut after.. i'd say 10years :)

My handsome 'manfriend' aka fiancé with his new hair cut ~ pic taken a few days before the engagement day.
I love it honey. It wasn’t so bad kan? easier to handle I guess hehe .. I thought i’d never see him wearing short hair again. It was so long time ago when we're in high school was the very last time i saw him like this. yeah back time in high school, everyone who know me knew that i was his secret admirer :-D wink!

Thursday, June 18

beautiful day of me & him

Its been a while since my last post except for quick photo-post the day before yesterday. Already back to my hectic life but for now I got another story to share.

As u can see, finally we made it! Its our engagement photo on Jun 12, 2009. I feel blessed and cant be happier for this companionship. So now, Isroha Ismail is officially taken :)
I move on to another stage of life, feel grow up a lil bit more :) and got to engaged with person I love, I cant asked for more. Thank to God the ceremony or I considered as a small gathering with family and relatives went smoothly well and honey, thanks for the gorgeous (isit the right word for him hehe) new hair cut, everybody does loves it! :)

I thought being at this stage in life, i might feel the differences but i was wrong. It was no different except I felt much happier but my feeling for him still doesn’t change even after these so many years from the first time i laid eyes on him chewahh..
But i think it is true that our heart feeling the same no matter what we did or what we achieve or what status we are in as long we can be with person we love most.

So here I wanna share some more beautiful moments of the day and guys, pls enjoy as much we did.

To my fiancé; i l o v e u dearly honey.. having u in my life like having a piece of diamond that I treasure forever.. XOXO

im grateful for this moment

blessing from future MIL

me with this ring, is officially taken

us with yaya & dira, beautiful lil sistas

budak demam yg sgt comel, muaahhs baby aqil

By & dear sis, Ining

sireh junjung penyeri majlis

a gift from him :)

my dear sist Mira ~ big helper, thanks sis!

believe or not, i did all the hantaran by myself ~ wink! wink! quite proud of it, got alot of compliments :))

** Pls pray for our dreams to have a beautiful life together ahead.


Monday, June 15


Wednesday, June 3

me, now at lcct blogging from my phone.. My flight is delayed, im all alone, feel bored, missing dy already but still content to going back home :)


According to tickerfactory (see left) its only a few days left before we get engaged (good thing) BUT feel like i didn't do anything yet (bad thing) Of course we bought everything already but me practically doing nothing about the hantaran! duh gonna be hectic as soon as i landed home.. and also still don't know where to find a perfect selendang to goes with the dress aiyoh!

Been planning to do some shopping today and hoping in between i'll manage to find the right selendang. Lot of things happening since arrived in KL, met my girlfriends after dunno-since-when we last met; farah with balqis the baby and hubby fais, nadia, nadot, adi, ery, bobo, bali & lily..spending some moment catching up at farah's house in shah alam, went to fatty crab in pj to dinner and after that, headed up to subang for drinks and lepak-ing.

aunt nadot, balqis & aunt east, sapa lg cute? :)

crab di fatty crab yg sgt sedap

Sunday, went to nik's house for small gathering/bbq with some other new friends. get to know Dy's other colleagues & having a good time esp. dy la playing guitar hero like for hours!

Monday, dy taking el and we went to midvalley & the garden for jalan2, to watch movie & to do some shopping. dy got me a new handbag ~ thanks darling! sighh dunno how many handbag I need hahaha

taking a break @ The Garden

And tonite gonna fly back home, gonna miss dy, kl & everything. damn I miss kl seriously and DY of course! ;))

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