MR & MRs LENG ;)

MR & MRs LENG ;)

Sunday, August 29

Allah trials come in a different way.

That's all I can say.

These couple of days, I’m a lil bit distracted bcoz something that happened back home and its killing me as nothing I can do to fix it neither that I can share it here. But I’m taking it as whatever happens, it’s happened for a reason. Therefore I was in grumpy mood lately and being away from hubster doesn’t help it at all. I just can wait to go back as I knew just to be with him can ease my anxious. So erghh..5 more days to go.

While waiting for those days to fly away, I have to move on with my life. Last night iftar was at Muara Restaurant and am having Empal (daging bakar) Lalapan Rice once again. It’s only Ma & I and as we are arrived quite late, it was full house already so we have to wait before got our seats. Our originally plan is to break the fast at Dynasty but after some consideration we cancel it. Rasa mcm membazir bayar RM40++ something then makan sikit jeh. Besides it’s only two of us, klu ramai2 baru seronok nak makan buffet sambil cite2. For me berbuka dengan hanya makan nasi dah cukup. I don’t need any kuih muih or whatever that’s why I rarely went to bazaar. Tade craving for any specific foods except for kebab. Itu pun bkn sbb mengidam sbb puasa tp sbb memang suka mkn kebab hehe tp last friday, pergi bazaar tade pun nmpak org jual kebab so tunggu balik kl jelah. Malas nak g cari tempat lain.

Okay continue with the story of last night. After iftar, we went to HotCross Bun Bakery to order some layer cake to bring home next week then off to Miri Mall for movie treat. Ingat nak tgk cite Jennifer Lopez, The Back-up Plan tapi cite tu tak on show lg dah so we opt for Step Up 3. I can say that the storyline wasn’t much different from the 2 previous movies but it was fun to watch. Seronok tgk diaorg menari apa bagai and the lead actor also quite cute! tp apatah nama dia malas nk google.

hubster, don’t be jealous okeh dear :)

Erm for yesterday no picture was taken bcoz I wasn’t in the mood for it. My Sony digicam tu pun mana tah perginya must be somewhere in one of my handbags.

Till then here some photos from my E71.

1. our first date as a hubby & wifey. 2. Inside : my coach op art sateen maggie
3. my new chanel inspired heels 4. nampak kurus kan? hehe this was taken before fasting

1. one of my bajus raya 2. Sambil mengajar smbil berposing :)
3. Abaikan rambut yg serabai itu, ini kat kelas 6RPP 4. view from the class



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